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2022 Katy Spooky Halloween Homes Not to Miss


October 25, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

It's 5 days until Halloween and many local homes have gone extra this year in decorations. Load up the family for a Halloween decoration drive-by tour and don’t miss these Spooktacular homes!

Photo credit: Kristin Mahoney

Something Wicked this way Comes...

This season, Katy homes are going all out with Halloween decorations. Check out our list of the most festive and spookiest local homes! Which is your favorite?

Giant Skeleton, Reaper, and more!

29039 Nectar Island (Young Ranch)

(Opening picture)

No one passing by this house can miss their spooky decor! The spooks are BIG at this Katy home. Check out the giant skeleton, reaper, pumpkin head skeleton and more. This house definitely warrants a spot on our "extra" list for going all out for Halloween!


A "Deadly" Movie Theater

Kingsland Boulevard and Houghton (Nottingham)

Photo credit: Carmen Revolorio.

For over 20 years, the Revolorio family have entertained the Katy community their fun and relevant skeleton tales. This year their inspiration was a movie theater reflecting how people are returning to the movies after the pandemic.

Photo credit: Carmen Revolorio.


A Freight at Every Corner

Cinco Ranch Boulevard and Cinco Park Place (Cinco Ranch)

Photo credit: Marie Balderas

Skeletons go bump in the night at this Cinco Ranch home. Don't miss the creepy skeleton clown in the tree!


Welcome to Hawkins

Abby Aldrich (Williamsburg Settlement)

Photo credit: Rachel Trevino-Camacho

This Katy family plays into the fandom of Netflix's smash hit "Stranger Things." Check out the details that go with the show.

Photo credit: Rachel Trevino-Camacho

Don't forget to play some Kate Bush when driving by!

Photo credit: Rachel Trevino-Camacho


Send in the Clowns

1811 Abby Aldrich Lane

Photo credit: J. Myers

More clowns make an appearance in spooky Katy decor. This house is just as spooky in daylight as it is at night. Try seeing it both ways.


A Nightmare Before Christmas Interactive Display

3419 Pebble Bay Drive

Photo credit: Kristin Miller

The Miller family started an interactive candy exchange with Zero from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" during the pandemic as a way to enjoy Halloween while social distancing. The candy exchange was so popular that they kept in.

Photo credit: Kristin Miller

Press the button and Zero delivers your candy! Lines do form for this activity but do go quickly.


Spooky Clowns

830 Sierra Lake Drive (Cimarron)

Photo credit: Janae Krell

Spooky clowns and then some...this Katy home went all out in detail and design!

Photo credit: Janae Krell

Don't miss all the scary details around the grounds!


Oxley Family Haunted House

Parsonsfield Lane (Cinco Ranch)

Photo credit: Natasha Oxley

When three young Katy girls wanted a haunted house, their parents delivered! The Oxley family transformed their garage into a family-friendly haunted house.

The Oxley Haunted House is open Fridays and Saturdays 6:00- 8:00 p.m. and then 6:00- 9:30 p.m. on Halloween.


Something Terrifying

6123 Dovetail Cliff Court (Elyson)

Photo credit: Michael Flores

Halloween is a big deal to the Flores family and Michael Flores knows how to bring the freights. Check out his décor and truly terrifying haunted house. WARNING: It is not recommended for children or those who easily scare!

The haunted house will be free and open to the public, this Halloween 6:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m. (longer if people are still there.)


Katy has so many incredibly decorated homes for all seasons. Did we miss your favorite Katy spooky house? Tell us about it at


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