12 Must-Knows for Every Katy Newcomer


By Katrina Katsarelis

You recently moved here, so let me be the first to say, "Welcome to Katy!" There are so many exciting things to learn about our fine community. To help ease your transition, read these essential "must knows" about Katy, Texas!

Photo of the Katy Cowgirls, Katy Magazine

1. Katy is a tri-county community

If you just moved to Katy, you need to determine if you live within the City of Katy limits and/or which county you live in -- we have three -- Harris, Fort Bend, and Waller. If you reside in the City of Katy, you are eligible for city services. If you live outside of the City of Katy limits (which most of us do), you use county services, and the Katy council members and mayor do not represent you.

2. Katy has several police agencies, so know yours

Because of Katy's multiple counties versus city issue (mentioned above), the police department that protects your area may not be the closest one to you. The Katy Police Department only covers residents within the City of Katy boundaries. Fort Bend County Police only cover Fort Bend County residents, and so forth. The good news is your 911 dispatcher will know who to send in case of an emergency.

3. Katy is an education community Katy’s early settlers set a precedent for high educational standards. That tradition of excellence remains a high priority today. The first school was located at Avenue D and 6th Street, and the first school teacher was Edna James. Katy ISD was organized in 1918 and has become a nationally-recognized school district. Katy ISD celebrated just celebrated its 100-year anniversary. Still today, people move here, not for our beaches and mountains, but for our school district.

4. Katy began as a rice farming town Historically, Katy was a rice farming community. Old rice dryers still stand tall as a reminder of the town's past, and every October, the community celebrates the Rice Harvest Festival. You'll definitely want to check out the food, entertainment and fun at this annual event! 5. Katy locals love these little hangouts Long-time Katyites can be found shooting the breeze at Snappy’s Café, No Label Brewery, Midway Barbeque, or the VFW Hall. You're likely to spot the mayor, police chief, business owners, and community leaders there too. Katy residents live in a very giving, caring community, and are known for being friendly and hospitable.