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12 Holiday Traditions Katy Moms Love


December 10, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Moms are creative and Katy moms are the best (yes, we’re biased!) See some fun holiday traditions that Katy moms use to make this season magical. What will you add to your family’s holiday plans?

Photo credit: Kat E Photography

1. Custom Ornament Fun

(See opening picture)

Katy mom Brooke White makes a special ornament each year. “We have an ornament made every year of our son with Santa and add it to our tree,” says White.

She is now up to 4 ornaments and looks forward to continuing this fun tradition.


2. More Ornament Traditions

Ornaments can help your family incorporate a lot of fun traditions.

Who doesn’t love to travel? For many the pandemic has made us appreciate traveling even more! Katy mom Christine Muskopf collects glass ornaments from every place her family travels. She also has added her mother’s and grandparents’ angel ornaments to her daughter’s personal tree.

“My mom for each Christmas has given me a puppy love ornament from Hallmark,” says Muskopf. She has every ornament since they started the collection over 3 decades ago!

“My 8-year-old daughter loves lining them up by year and asking me about each memory as we put them on the trees,” says Muskopf.


3. Thank a Delivery Driver

Photo credit: Meredith Sealy

As those holiday gifts get delivered don’t forget to thank the delivery drivers working long hours to get us our presents. This next Katy mom puts out a thank you gift for them!

“I love doing this each year,” says Meredith Sealy. “We got a cute thank you video on our Ring doorbell last year from a delivery driver and it made my kid’s week!”


4. Gingerbread Houses with Truck Bed Holiday Light Rides

Make a December night extra sweet by decorating gingerbread houses and then hopping in a truck bed to ride around and tour Katy holiday lights.

This is a favorite tradition for Katy mom Sarah Terrell. Katy has many great neighborhoods to tour such as Pin Oak, Pecan Grove and more!


5. Give Gifts to Garbage Pick-up Crew

Christmas is the perfect time to remember those who serve us, and who isn’t grateful for the often-thankless work that our garbage pick-up crew does?

“My granddad always gave the garbage truck men whiskey,” says Katy mom Jordyn Alo.


6. The Gift of Books

Share the love of reading this holiday season by using books to be part of your holiday traditions.

“My mom gave us a book she put together of 24 Christmas stories to read each night with out kiddies that she read to us,” says Jordyn Alo.

Alo’s favorite holiday book is Teach the Children by Jeanne W. Anderson, because she thinks it’s great for all ages.


7. Christmas Eve Dinner Traditions

“We do family dinner at Denny’s in Katy on Christmas Eve, just like in The Santa Clause,” says Katy mom Angelina Storton. The family then drives around various Katy neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights.

“Last year, the family dinner included a pregnancy announcement, and this year it will include our new baby,” says Storton.


8. The Great Holiday Family Bake-Off

Photo credit: Veronica Miko

Take inspiration from seasonal baking shows and compete within the family for the best holiday treat. Share pictures and ask distant family members and friends to vote for their favorites. Or just have fun and pick a theme, like a holiday movie or character, to bake with the kids. Add some hot chocolate for a deliciously fun family evening.


9. Delivery to Neighbors

Show your holiday spirit and be neighborly too!

“Our neighbors make the best popcorn and deliver to our doors every year,” says Katy mom Leslie Delcampo. “This year she delivered it during school hours so us moms could enjoy some of it!”


10. Homemade Christmas Cards

Break out the craft supplies and create homemade holiday cards! Make them for family, neighbors, or prepare a stack to deliver to local senior living or nursing homes.


11. ‘The Polar Express’ Family Pajama Night

Make your own “Polar Express” while enjoying the classic holiday movie. Wear pajamas (matching or not) make hot chocolate, eat cookies, and make a craft for the iconic bell. Be believers and enjoy the holiday season.

On Saturday, December 18 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Katy families can enjoy a free Polar Express Party at the Central Green Park in LaCenterra. Families are encouraged to use cardboard boxes to make a “train” for kids to sit in during the film. Follow Central Green Park on Facebook for more information and details on other great events!


12. Adopt a Katy Charity

Katy has many local non-profit groups accepting donations this holiday season. Celebrate the reason for the season by collecting donations as a family. Learn more about local non-profits and their needs here.


What holiday traditions does your family celebrate? Many of these fabulous ideas came from members of the popular Katy Moms Facebook group. Follow them for more ideas and to connect with local moms.


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