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$140K Worth of Drugs Seized from Katy Home


August 31, 2018

Natalie Cook Clark

Fort Bend Narcotics Task Force seized $140,000 worth of drugs from a Katy home on the 1600 block of Katy Gap Road on Thursday.

Katy's Jose Alberto Ochoa was arrested and charged Thursday due to this investigation.

A warrant for the address was obtained after months of undercover work where authorities were looking into a "main source of supply of marijuana ,THC extracts and other illicit controlled substances in the Katy area."

“I am proud of our Narcotics Task Force,” said Sheriff Troy Nehls. “Months of undercover work paid off. We got the bad guy and took a big amount of drugs off the street.”

As a result of the investigation Fort Bend County's Sheriff's Office arrested Jose Alberto Ochoa, 35, of Katy on Thursday August 30, 2018 on three First Degree Felony counts of manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance and a Third Degree Felony Possession of marijuana.

Authorities seized about 17.5 pounds of marijuana, 878 THC vapes, 31.3 grams of THC considerate (WAX), 4.9 pounds of THC edibles, 1 gram of THC crystal, 52 grams MDMA (molly), 25 grams of ecstasy and 45 grams of cocaine totaling a street value of $140,000.

Ochoa is currently in custody with bonds totaling $200,000.

said Sheriff Troy Nehls.


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