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You Know You're a Katy Mom if...

If you can say yes to at least 8 of these, you're DEFINITELY a Katy mom!

1. You’ve taken your family photo at Katy Heritage Park.

2. You got talked into dropping your junior high kid off at the Katy Mills Mall one time and you never did it again.

3. You enrolled your son in youth football before he could read so he would be able to make the high school varsity team.

4. You went crazy at Katy Budget Books and got 15 used books but only spent $4.75.

5. You’ve paid for mediocre but pricey food at Rain Forest Café because your kids love the moving animals.

6. You’ve taken your kids fishing at a local bayou, but find yourself watching for alligators.

7. Your front lawn is proudly decorated with yard signs and your car windows display your kids’ team decals.

8. You’ve sent your kid’s photo to Katy Magazine for the Katy Cuties section, Cutest Kids Cover Contest, or other feature.

9. You accidentally said the F word when yet another fundraiser packet came home from your child’s school.

10. Your kid has gotten in trouble for not saying yes ma’am or yes sir.

11. Your kids have switched elementary schools 3 times but you still live in the same house.

12. You can’t find a good place to eat lunch on Sunday because the church crowd just got out and everything is packed.

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