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Katy Magazine Media Kit 2018

Powerful, Effective, Comprehensive Digital & Social Media Advertising from Katy's Leading Media Venue

Your annual digital & social media package includes all these items for just $1650/quarter (or $550/month for our annual campaign.). We've been marketing to Katy since 2003 and know how to promote your business to our ever-growing Katy audience!

1. Your ads INSIDE Katy Magazine Articles (see actual article with ads)

  • Your digital, animated ads inside timely, terrific Katy feature stories and family fun guides. The perfect match for anyone wanting to reach Katy families of all ages and stages.

  • We release magazine and articles to our list of subscribers and shared all over our powerful social media channels.

  • These articles rank well on Google for topics searches in Katy and you're ads are right in them.

  • Katy Magazine articles include Katy ISD education stories, Katy food stories, Katy family fun guides, Katy people, Katy education, Katy homes & neighborhoods, Katy health, Cutest Kids contest, Top 100 Katy Women, Top 100 Katy Men, and many more. These rank very well when people search for these common Katy topics!

2. Your ads INSIDE Katy Magazine NEWS stories (see news stories)

  • Your digital, animated ads inside timely, topical news stories about what's going on today in Katy, Texas.

  • News stories are sent out to our list of subscribers and shared all over our powerful social media channels.

  • These articles rank well on Google for topics searches in Katy and you're ads are right in them.

  • Katy News stories might be Katy ISD announcements, crime stories, urgent weather issues, traffic alerts, school news, major community announcements, local sports scores, and more.

3. Facebook and Social Media Promos About You (link to our Facebook)

  • We write powerful, appealing, action-focused social media promos about your business and get them noticed in Katy!

  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram coverage. We reach between 185,000-600,000 weekly have over 39,000 followers on Facebook alone!

4. Social Media Buzz and Recommendations

  • We have a dedicated Katy social media crew trained to post positive recommendations about your business and help generate a buzz. We are members of over 35 social media groups where we are constantly recommending our advertisers or mentioning you on social media groups and discussion strings.

5. Plus All These Extras!

  • Free ad design with your campaign. (one set of ads).

  • Expert marketing ad design and top promotion writers.

  • A web skyscraper ad on

  • A prominent listing on on the category page that pertains to your business.

  • Free postings of your events and jobs on our Katy Events page or Katy Jobs page which rank extremely well!

  • Inclusion in stories or Katy listings that pertain to your type of business.



We bring our "Katy Magazine Car" and at least one team member to your event and share on social media as it happens. We also pre-promote your event on social media and our events page to announce you to the community. $250 per event


Professional, fast website with concept/design/layout of a 4-5 page website, mobile and desktop friendly, well-written, calls to action, map to your location, stock photos, links to your social media and designed to be easily self-editable by you once launched. Includes one year of web hosting, SEO set up, and more! $1500


EXCLUSIVE! Only 1 or 2 will be run per issue so hurry and select your month. You provide content and photos and we place you as an actual story with the other content. Our editors will help you spruce up the story after you write it. We promote the story with the issue for three issues! $950 for three months run.


Got questions? Email us.

Call us with questions at 281.579.9840 if you need any other info. Ask for our sales department!

We are excited to have in the Katy Magazine Advertising Family and to start promoting your business Immediately!

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