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7 Must Knows About the New Texting and Driving Law in Effect Today

Can I text at a stoplight? Can I still use hands-free devices? What about navigation? Here are 7 things you need to know about the Texas Texting and Driving Ban.

September 1, 2017

Katy Magazine News, Katy, TX

Katrina Katsarelis, Katy Magazine

1. You may no longer use your cell phones to read, write, or text message while driving.

2. Law enforcement officers are able to spot violators pretty easily by looking for drivers whose heads are down, are distracted, or who are swerving, etc.

3. Drivers may look at their phones if stopped at a red light. If you are moving and still texting/reading as the light turns green, you are in violation.

4. Cell phones can be used for GPS navigation and music, but drivers could still get pulled over if officers suspect them of texting. You must not be looking down while driving and your hands should stay on the steering wheel.

5. It is advised to use hands-free options like Bluetooth headsets or dictation functions that do not involve looking at or holding your phone.

6. Using a cellphone to report an emergency, like a car crash, while driving is okay under the law.

7. Those who are caught texting and driving will face a first time fine of up to $99 and up to $200 for second offenses.

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