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Have You Reported Your Flood Damage? Why it's Important


September 13, 2017

Katrina Katsarelis

If your home has suffered flooding as a result of Harvey, it's important to report it to your county entity. Here's why.

HARRIS COUNTY APPRAISAL DISTRICT Harris County homeowners who suffered damage from Hurricane Harvey can report damage to HCAD through its upgraded app available for Apple or Android phones.

You can also report damage at 713-812-5805 by providing your name, address, phone number and account number, if you have it, along with the type of property damage and amount of water you received. You can also email that information to Why it's important Reporting property damage now will help the appraisal district identify the most damaged neighborhoods and properties to help homeowners next year when property is reappraised.



The county is urging anyone with flood loss home to report damage to the county. CLICK HERE TO REPORT

Why it's important This form will not get you reimbursement from the government, but will serve as a way for Fort Bend County to estimate the amount of damages within the County, which may help us make a determination for a disaster declaration.



1. How do damages from Hurricane Harvey affect my property value? The Texas Property Tax Code sets the assessment date as of January 1 each year. In the Tax Code, there is a provision for reappraisal of all property damaged in a disaster if the area is declared a disaster by the Governor, under Tax Code Section 23.02, and more than one taxing unit requests the reappraisal. 2. How are values determined for the reappraisal? For reappraised property, the taxes are prorated for the year the disaster occurred. The local taxing unit assesses taxes prior to the date of the disaster based on the market value as of January 1. Beginning on the date of the disaster and for the remainder of the year, the taxing unit applies its tax rate to the reappraised market value of the property. 3. When will the reappraisal be complete? Entities must authorize the appraisal district to do a disaster reappraisal before beginning.

When requested by a local taxing unit, an appraisal district is required to complete a reappraisal as soon as practicable of all property damaged in a disaster if the area is declared a disaster area by the Governor. The appraisal record must include

  • The date of the disaster;

  • The appraised value of the property after the disaster; and

  • An indication of the taxing units to which the reappraisal applies if the reappraisal was not authorized by all taxing units in which the property is located.

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