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Third Reservoir Needed to Prevent Future Katy Flooding: Local Action Needed


Katrina Katsarelis

October 9, 2017

To prevent future Katy Area flooding, Congressman Michael McCaul wants to direct the Army Corp of Engineers to build a third reservoir that was planned, but never built.

Congressman Michael McCaul, whose constituency encompasses much of Katy's Harvey flooded areas, says a third reservoir is needed to protect Katy Area homes from future flooding.

Congressman Michael McCaul is proposing a bill to direct the Army Corps of Engineers to begin work on a reservoir in the Cypress Creek watershed, to protect the millions of residents who live between the existing Addicks and Barker Reservoirs.

The new Cypress Creek Reservoir would be built in a region where the Corps had previously planned, but failed, to build a levee.

The reservoir would go in the Cypress Creek watershed, upstream from the Addicks and Barker Reservoirs. McCaul says he’ll make certain the next Harvey aid bill includes language directing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to begin work on the project. Early estimates put the cost of the project at about $600 million. Under McCaul’s plan, much of the money would come from Corps and FEMA funding. But he says the main reason for putting the project in the Harvey supplemental is speed. Experts agree with McCaul that the reservoir is badly needed.



The following is a post from a concerned Katy area citizen urging other Katy residents to take action and let their wishes be known to their Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz:

Reposted from Concerned Katy Resident Chris Hairris

PLEASE SHARE!!! And help!!! We need the 3rd reservoir built around the Cypress Creek in the North Katy area as a start to strategically STOP our area's flood control issues. The land is there AND UNDEVELOPED but this issue must be moved fast before the land is lost making the flooding issues worse.

An action item is being prepared by Michael McCaul for the US Congress. This item is his top priority. But our Senators must know it is priority to move it from the US Senate. Please write our US Senators John Cornyn, and Ted Cruz to show your support of the construction of the Cypress Creek Reservoir. Below is a sample letter that you can use or alter as you see fit.

Also included are links to the contact page for the following Senators John Cornyn, US Senator for TX Ted Cruz, US Senator for TX SAMPLE LETTER: Dear Senator Cornyn and Senator Cruz, In the US Congress Authorization for Hurricane Harvey Relief, please include $350 million to be allocated to the building of the 3rd reservoir for Cypress Creek in North Katy, Cypress and Tomball. This 3rd Reservoir was included in the original plans in the 1940’s when the Barker and Addicks Reservoirs were built. The 3rd reservoir was never completed. The Harris County Flood Control District and Texas Water Development Board issued a study which was completed in 2015 named the Cypress Creek Overflow Mitigation Plan. The study determined that the Cypress Creek Reservoir would cost $350 million and would save billions of dollars in potential flooding as well as save many lives. We are seeing the devastation of our area in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey due in part to the absence of the Cypress Creek Reservoir.

My formal request is to fund the 3rd Reservoir to contain the Cypress Creek Overflow in the Hurricane Harvey Authorization. The anticipated budget for this project is approximately $350MM.

Thank you for your time and the efforts you give to serve our state and country. Sincerely, Your name

For more information on Congressman Michael McCaul, visit

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