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UPDATE on Injured Woodcreek JH Student, Joshua Benson

After suffering spinal trauma at an Oct. 10, football game, Woodcreek Junior High eighth grader Joshua Benson's mother gives us an update on how he's doing.


October 11, 2017

Ashley Lancaster

A terrifying accident

The Timberwolves all waited with bated breath last night as a Woodcreek Junior High football defensive end and linebacker, Joshua Benson was injured during the last two minutes of the game against Katy Junior High, during an onside kick. Woodcreek Junior High trainers, coaches, and ambulance crew were on site to treat him immediately. Joshua was loaded into an ambulance and taken to an ER nearby with numbness in his hands and feet, according to a post from dad, Nick Benson.

Rushed downtown for treatment

After discovering that he could not feel or move his extremities, Joshua was rushed to Texas Children's Hospital downtown for treatment. He was admitted overnight to treat spinal shock, with an MRI scheduled to assess the extent of his injuries.

Families praying After Joshua was taken away, the Katy community immediately began praying for Joshua and showing their support for his family. Katy Junior High cheer, the entire Timberwolves family, and dozens of students in Katy ISD took to social media asking for prayers for their peer.

Hope in the morning

This morning, mother Bridgette let us know that after five hours of being unable to move his arms or legs last night, the MRI results came back clear. "Once we were transferred downtown to the children's hospital he was able to wiggle his toes and move his hands. He is now able to move alot better and the MRI results came back clear." According to the family, he should be released from Texas Children's Hospital soon.

We will post more updates as we receive them from the family. Please keep Joshua in your prayers for a quick recovery!


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