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Katy ISD Surveying Community for Input on 2018-2019 School Calendar


January 19, 2018

Posted by Katrina Katsarelis

Katy ISD is seeking input from parents, students, staff and community members to develop an instructional calendar for the upcoming school year. Today, the Katy ISD community will receive an Instructional Calendar survey via email. The survey will be available through February 2 and outlines proposed start and end dates, holidays and the total number of instructional days for each recommended calendar. Below are the three options:


Option 1: August 15 - May 23 with a week off for Thanksgiving Option 2: August 13 - May 22 with a week off for Thanksgiving Option 3: August 27 - June 4 with three days off for Thanksgiving

Click here to take KATY MAGAZINE'S "Just for fun" Twitter Survey! Everyone’s participation is important and will play a crucial role in the Katy ISD Board of Trustees’ decision making process. If you do not receive a survey link by the end of this week, Katy ISD says you may request one from K12Insight, the external research firm conducting the survey, at .

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