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Katy Receives $328,322 for Harvey Relief from Clint Black and Other Musicians


October 24, 2018

Clint Black, along with Don Henley, and Lyle Lovett held a benefit concert last November to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. Recently, Black made the decision to donate the entire amount to Katy Christian Ministries. Black grew up in Katy and still has family in the area.

On Hurricane Harvey's first anniversary, Black’s representative contacted Katy Mayor Chuck Brawner asking for recommendations on organizations active in the ongoing relief efforts within the City of Katy. Mayor Brawner met with multiple organizations gathering insight as to how they would utilize the donation. All of the proceeds from the benefit concert, which totaled $328,322.00, was given to Katy Christian Ministries.

Katy and Texas Roots

Henley and Lovett were both born in Texas, while Black was raised in Katy. Black has spoken about watching footage of Hurricane Harvey devastating his hometown. “We braced ourselves through the night as the flood waters grew closer to our family’s doorsteps in Houston and Katy,” Black said. “My mom, brothers, niece and nephews were all very fortunate, and I knew I had to find a way to help those who weren’t so lucky, to recover and rebuild what was lost in the hurricane.” Words from Clint Black about Katy and the benefit.

Benefiting Local Households

Carolyn Chandler, Grant Officer for Katy Christian Ministries, has been hard at work since Hurricane Harvey made landfall and devastated our local community. “With the disaster funds KCM had already received and distributed, we have financially assisted an average of $3000 per household in need,” Chandler explained. With the over $300,000 donation received from the benefit concert, Katy Christian Ministries will be able to assist over 100 households, aiding more than 300 people.

Utilizing the Funds

According to KCM, the funds will be used in the following ways:

  • Financial assistance with rent/mortgage for displaced families

  • Cost of furniture and appliances replacement such as mattresses, stoves, refrigerators

  • Vehicle replacement and/or repair

  • Relocation fees and cost

  • Cost of home repairs and materials through Home Depot, Lowes and/or Ace Hardware

  • Fence repair and sod replacement cost

A Grateful Community

“The City of Katy is proud to have an organization like KCM in our community,” Mayor Brawner says. “So many people were impacted by Hurricane Harvey, and we are thankful to Clint Black, Lyle Lovett and Don Henley for their contribution to help Katy rebuild and recover. I know KCM will work hard to help as many people as possible with this donation.”

Katy Christian Ministries is located at 5504 First Street in Katy, Texas. Visit

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