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KATY DEBUTANTES: Presenting National Charity League's Class of 2019


June 4, 2019

By Jennifer Miko

The National Charity League (NCL) is a philanthropic organization committed to community service, leadership development, and cultural experiences. Members have logged thousands of volunteer hours assisting organizations from hospitals and underprivileged children to nursing homes and cancer survivors. There are currently four NCL chapters in Katy: Lady Bird, Star, Katy and Azalea.

Photo: Laura Chiles


Katy Chapter Seniors 2019

Front Row L to R: Leah Skelton, Abigail Boyce, Jordyn Malloy, Abigail May, Sydney Routon

Second Row L to R: Tess Gazaw, Sara Clifton, Alexia Diermeier, Gabriela Walter, Taylor Brooks, Samar Srouji, Michelle Henneke

Back Row L to R: Zoey Barker, Sarah Adams, Katherine Graham, Allison Polnac, Angela Piasecki, Catherine McCoy, Elissa Balke, Kailee Moon, Ashley Ayers, Annaliisa Watne, Madison Royer, Reagan Fitzgerald, Mara Bousleiman

About the Katy Chapter

The Class of 2019 has contributed more than 7,000 volunteer hours to local philanthropies - including Neighborhood Kidz Club, The Ballard House/Cinco Charities, Katy Christian Ministries, Houston Methodist West Hospital, Citizens for Animal Protection, and Clothed by Faith. The chapter believes that the experience of giving back to others helps sets the stage for a successful future.


Lady Bird Chapter 2019 Seniors

Front Row L to R: Jordan James, Ana Ouellette

Middle Row L to R: Lexi Wilson, Kirsten Kahanek, Ashley Zuniga, Claire De Albuquerque, Caitlin Furley, Sarah Stout, Maria Santana, Abby Cawthon

Back Row L to R: Adley Marsh, Maggie Letson, Siya Patil, Alexis O’Leary, Mikaela Fleener, Isabella Machado, Savannah Holcomb, Hailee Hauck, Delaney Waid, Sammie Clewett, Sarah Jeffries, Eve Morris, Katelyn Meszaros

About the Lady Bird Chapter

The National Charity League, Inc. Lady Bird chapter was formed in 2010. These 23 young women, and their mothers, volunteered more than 7300 hours of philanthropic service to the community over the past six years. The group supports charities involving children such as: American Cancer Society, Ballard House, Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity and many others. Visit


Star Chapter 2019 Seniors

Kim Schaffer Photography

Front Row L to R: Emily Egan, Isabella Wiik, Reagan Kallina, Bridget King, and Jessica Grace Watson

Middle Row L to R: Maci Winters, Rebekah Cornelius, Katherine Jensen, Samantha Jensen, Makenna Donahue

Back Row L to R: Jasmine Perry, Annabel Rothwell, Summerlee Zavidny, Caitlin Black, Karsen Callicott, Avery Potts, Rebecca Chang, Emerson Rotta, Baelyn Jatzlau, Joselyn Delgado, Sarah White, Samantha King, Abigail Kainer, Avery Guinn

About the Star Chapter

For the past six years, these young ladies and their mothers contributed over 8,000 volunteer hours at 29 local charities throughout the community. The Class of 2019 volunteered at Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP), Interfaith Ministries (Meals on Wheels), The Ballard House, Katy Christian Ministries, Fort Bend Women’s Center, Oakmont Nursing Home and more. For more information about the Star chapter, visit


Azalea Chapter 2019 Seniors

Front Row L to R: Caitlyn Cantu, Laura Zoghbi, Julianna Barzilla, Kellie Tuttle, Emily Martinez, Hannah Schmidt, Sophia Acuna, Bella Tucci, Madison Blevins, Lauren Woodard, Laura Rodgers

Back Row L to R: Jessica Aikman, Maggie Gehring, Emily Cruz, Christina Thompson, Abby Floyd, Keira Meloche, Madison Elliot, Maegan Adams, Grace Shugart, Ellen Pack, Juliana Ely, Madeline Madrigal, Mirella Barnhill, Delaney Barnard, Isabella Kerbers

About the Azalea Chapter

Founded in 1999, The Azalea Chapter currently has more than 300 members.

This year, the Azalea Chapter’s total philanthropy hours surpassed 8800 hours in community service. They worked with various groups including Ballard House/Cinco Charities, Krause Center, Meals on Wheels, Katy Christian Ministries and Special Pals just to name a few. Formore information, visit their website at

How to Join NCL

Through community service, NCL develops socially responsible community leaders and strengthens the mother-daughter relationship. NCL, Inc. is a sponsorship organization, in which a prospective member must be sponsored by a current member of the chapter she wishes to join. Membership opportunities are dependent on chapter openings and its membership selection process. The membership selection process occurs one time each year.

If you're interested in starting a Katy chapter, click here.

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