Married to Music: Husband and Wife Music Teachers at WoodCreek Junior High


By Jennifer Miko

Anne and Bobby Guess share their love of music with the students at WoodCreek Junior High School. Through their choir and band classes, they inspire the students to appreciate music, find the joy in performing, and reap the benefits of studying music.

Anne Guess has been the Head Choir Director at WoodCreek Junior High (WCJH) for five years and her husband Bobby Guess has been the Head Band Director there for three years. Bobby says they share the same teaching philosophy and common goal for the positive outcomes for their students.

“We don’t think of the children as exclusively belonging to one program or another,” says Bobby. “We are there for all the children who need us. We knew that we would make a good team because our philosophies have always been aligned, even prior to working at the same campus.”

“Academically, music teaches children how to plan, make goals, deconstruct a problem to construct a solution,” Anne says. “ In music organizations, we are working on real life skills like teamwork, cooperation, taking direction from others, processing, and leadership.”

“Music shapes the lives of children even before they are consciously aware of it.” – Bobby Guess

“Students are constantly listening to and engaging in music,” says Bobby. “It’s ubiquitous and the soundtrack of our daily life.”

Research shows that music students consistently score and rank higher on standardized tests, college placement exams, and overall school rankings.

“Music exposes students to math, science, social studies, language arts, and foreign language,” says Bobby. “It strengthens them in every area.”

Anne believes there are two things that music teaches students that they do not get enough lessons in: empathy and joy. “Music teaches young people how to understand another person’s perspective,” Anne says. “It helps them think outside of themselves and outside the box.”

Taylor Nguyen,15, a former WCJH choir student recalls, "Mrs. Guess inspired us musically by showing us how much music means to her. She shares how music can change people's lives and make them better humans overall."

Meet Anne Guess

Anne was born in New Jersey, the youngest of three siblings, and the onl