Local High School Football Players & Cheerleaders Surprise Special Birthday Girl


July 29, 2019

By Jennifer Miko

After a recent news story about six teens burglarizing and partying in a vacationing family's home, this story of teens doing good captured our attention and we couldn't wait to share it with our readers.

Over the weekend, players from the Tompkins High School football team and members of the Seven Lakes High School varsity cheerleading squad surprised a special Katy girl on her 16th birthday.

Tompkins High School football players celebrate a Katy girl's Sweet 16.

A Sweet 16 Birthday Wish

Katy mom Teri Dunn posted a heartfelt message on a social media group page that caught the attention of other moms. She told the story of how she and her daughter Abby were watching the news Wednesday and saw a football team attend boy’s birthday party because no one showed up. Abby, a sophomore at Tompkins High School, then asked her mother if the Tompkins team could come to her birthday party.

"Abby, I don't think so," Dunn told her daughter. "How do we explain that to her that the football team can't come to her house?"

Tompkins Football Steps Up

Dunn later decided, it couldn't hurt to ask. So she posted the message on the Ladies Group of Cross Creek Ranch Facebook page. She was contacted by a football team mom who reached out to Tompkins football coach, Todd McVey.

"I know it's a long shot," Dunn says, "I didn't think it would really happen."

Rivals Come Together

Later that day, Dunn got a message telling her some football players would be at Abby’s party this weekend. She also heard from Amy Weaston, the Head Cheer Coach from Seven Lakes High School (SLHS), who asked if her cheerleaders could attend the party too.

"How awesome would it be to get two rival schools together at one party?" recalls Dunn.

Weaston approached her varsity cheerleaders about Abby's party. Some of the girls knew Abby when she attended Seven Lakes Junior High. The response was overwhelming, and Weaston had to limit the number of girls to seven. The cheerleaders then took the initiative to find out Abby's favorite colors and foods and prepared a gift basket for her.

"This was the best 16th birthday party they have ever been to," says Weaston. "Everybody loves Abby. She is a beautiful girl with a great spirit and generous heart. We are so beyond blessed that we were able to be a part of it."

The Big Surprise

Friends and family gathered at the house Saturday, including Abby's teacher, Ms. Evans. Dunn told them she had a special surprise planned and to come early.

"The doorbell rang, and there stood eight football players," Dunn says. "I was just overwhelmed. People were behind me crying, and I told Abby, 'Your team is here.' She was beside herself."