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Triple Play: Three Sets of Twins on Cinco Ranch Varsity

When Katy residents attend Cinco Ranch football games this fall, they will probably notice some repeated names on the players’ jerseys. No, fans aren’t seeing double. Cinco Ranch High School has three sets of twins on the varsity football team this year: Ethan and Ryan Glass, Blake and Brant Kuithe, and Devin and Dylan Wygal.

By Lacey Kupfer Wulf | KATY MAGAZINE, September 2017 Photography by John Glaser

A Package Deal These twin brothers live together, go to school together, and play football together. Devin Wygal says, “We have the same friends, and we go to the same activities. We never have to be alone.” His twin, Dylan says, “We do weight training together, and we go to summer camp. We’re a package deal.” This built-in buddy system comes in handy in new or difficult situations, like experiencing high school. Blake adds, “There’s always someone there going through the same stuff that you do.”

Taking the Field Everyone needs someone to confide in some time. Coach Don Clayton, who coached four sets of twins on his team last year, says, “Your chances of having problems are a whole lot less because they have a sounding board.” Essentially, these twins have someone with whom to discuss plays, frustrations, successes, and goals. Dylan says, “It’s easy to ask each other if you don’t remember everything from practice.” Ryan adds, “I like always having someone to talk to about anything.”

“You push each other to be better throughout everything you do. It’s always helped us achieve what we wanted.” - Blake Glass

As fun as trick plays would be with so many twins on the team, most of these twins play on defense, and their positions don’t easily lend themselves to trick plays. Plus, Blake and Brant are fraternal and have different body types altogether. Although Coach Clayton won’t be pulling tricks with the twins during game time this year, he and these twin brothers still view having sibling teammates as a positive advantage for the Cougars on the field.

Extra Motivation Do these twin brothers ever experience sibling rivalry? Blake says, “You push each other to be better throughout everything you do. It’s always helped us achieve what we wanted.” Ryan states, “It pushes you to be better and to know where you’re at. I’ve got to work as hard as him.” When his twin accomplishes something, Ryan says, “I want to do that too because that’s my twin.” The Glasses both play defensive back, one on the left and the other on the right, giving them an extra boost of motivation.

Twin Challenges Having a twin isn’t all fun and games. Because he and his brother are always together, Brant says, “It can be annoying. He’s always in my personal space. There’s not a time when I can be somewhere without him.” Ethan says, “I don’t like being compared to someone constantly. It’s hard to be an individual when you have an identical twin.” Dylan admits that it is annoying when people mix them up, and that he always gets in trouble when Devin blames things on him.

Despite the occasional challenges these football twins face, game time means go time for them, and any annoyances get benched and don’t impede their football performance. The pros strongly outweigh the cons of having a twin teammate.


2016 - 2017 PLAYER STATS

Blake Kuithe, DE

  • 6’3 ½”

  • 234 lbs

  • 104 tackles

  • 6 sacks

Brant Kuithe, RB/WR

  • 6’2 ½”

  • 224 lbs

  • 1,891 yards rushing, 24 rushing touchdowns

  • 375 yards receiving

Ethan Glass, DB

  • 5’8 ½”

  • 155 lbs

  • 68 tackles

  • 1 interception

  • 1 recovered fumble

Ryan Glass, DB

  • 5’7”

  • 151 lbs

  • 56 tackles,

  • 10 passes broken up

  • 2 interceptions

Devin Wygal, LB

  • 6’1”

  • 185 lbs

  • 82 tackles

  • 2 fumble recoveries

Dylan Wygal, DB

  • 6’2”

  • 181 lbs

  • 15 tackles​

LACEY KUPFER WULF is a freelance writer, wife, and mother of twin toddler boys. Perhaps someday they will play sports together.


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