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A Katy Family Mourns their Dog After a Fatal Coyote Attack


March 27, 2023

By Natalie Cook Clark

A typical last nightly trip outside with their two Papillon, Bonnie and Clyde, turned into a tragedy for a Katy family this weekend. Coyotes grabbed and killed Clyde from his yard in the Elyson community in Katy. Coyotes often come into contact with Katy residents and have been known to threaten and kill beloved pets.

Clyde Miller. Photo credit: Donna Miller

Beloved Dog Killed by Coyotes in Elyson

“We were sitting on the back patio while I let him and my other dog out the last time for the night,” says Donna Miller. The Millers live on the north side of Elyson backing up to one of the picturesque lakes. She and her daughter, who was home visiting from college took their two Papillons, Bonnie and Clyde out one last time at 10:00 p.m. Saturday evening.

When Clyde, their 7 1/2 year old, didn’t return when called the mother and daughter started to investigate. Donna walks the lake twice a day so she thought maybe he got out the side of the yard, though he has never done that before.

Bonnie and Clyde Miller

College Daughter Scared Off Coyotes

“My daughter and I went on the lake to find him and my daughter saw the coyotes grab him,” says Miller. Her daughter saw at least two coyotes and was able to scare them off and get to him, but it was too late.

Miller describes the situation as being a quick kill and they brought him home with plans to cremate him. Bonnie, Clyde’s sister and best friend from the same dog breeder already misses him and the Miller family is devastated.

Miller still doesn’t know exactly what happened. “I’m not sure if they grabbed him through the fence or if he went under the side of the fence. We live where the sidewalk goes to the lake and that side of the fence has a small gap under it that he could have fit under. He’s literally never gone under there so I’m not really sure how he got on the lake because we were sitting right there.”

Katy is home to many wild critters and the Miller family has seen many of them since they live backing up to a spacious lake that attracts many wildlife.

Katy Family has Seen Much Wildlife

“I’ve seen coyotes, wild hogs, and snakes so I’ve always been careful and thought I’d thought of everything,” says Miller.

Miller is still in shock over the attack. She walks the lake twice a day and saw some coyotes a few months ago in the early morning around 6:30 a.m. Since then the family has always been cautious and believed they were taking precautions by not letting their dogs outside unattended.

Other Katy Dogs, Cats have been Killed

Sadly, they are not the first family to experience such a loss. Other Katy residents have reported cats and small dogs being attacked and killed by coyotes and bobcats. Residents should always take precautions but respect and leave wildlife alone.

“Seeing native wildlife such as coyotes and bobcats should be handled the same way as when one sees alligators,” says Fort Bend Constable Major Chad Norvell, Precinct 1. “Leave them alone and they’ll leave you alone.”

How to Deter Coyotes from Your Home

  • Do not keep pet food outside.

  • Clean your grill after use.

  • Clear away potential hiding places.

  • Cover trash and recycling cans.

  • If composting, do not add meat or bones.

  • Keep small pets indoors.

Some families has resorted to using protective vests such as the Coyote Vest to help protect small dogs from coyote attacks.

“I’m so empty and I just keep crying,” says Miller. “I just wish I could have protected him better.”


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