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Apparent Murder-Suicide Discovered in Cross Creek Ranch Home


June 11, 2020

By Jennifer Miko

The Fulshear police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide in the Cross Creek Ranch subdivision near Katy. Authorities found a mother and son dead on Tuesday, inside a home in the 27000 block of Linden Ridge Lane.

On Tuesday, June 9, the Fulshear Police responded to a welfare check when Laura Arends, 56, didn’t report to work or return phone calls. Neighbors were concerned about the woman who had reportedly been missing since Friday.

Gruesome Discovery

Officers did not find Laura Arends at her home and decided to check her 25-year-old son Matthew’s home, on the same street. When the officers arrived at Matthew Arends’ home, they observed his mother's car in the driveway.

"The home was locked and secured with no sign of forced entry," reported the Fulshear Police. "After knocking on the door of the home and getting no response, officers observed a person on the floor while looking through the window of the home."

Officers entered the home and found Laura Arends with multiple stab wounds, while her son Matthew sustained a self-inflicted stab wound.

The Fulshear Police said, "The deaths are believed to be the result of a murder/suicide, however the investigation is still ongoing."

Family Pet Injured

The Fulshear Police also discovered that the Arends’ family dog Hurley had been severely injured.

“Waggin Tails owner Denise Einkauf, quickly came to the scene and retrieved the injured dog in an attempt to save her life,” the Fulshear Police posted on social media. “After discovering the dog’s extreme and severe injuries through a local vet, Denise transported the dog to All Pets Animal Hospital, a 24-hour Emergency Animal Hospital.”

Dr. Patrick Choyce and his team performed an extensive surgery on Hurley and was able to save her life. 

Denise Einkauf from Waggin Tails said Hurley and the Arends have been long-time clients, and she and her staff know the dog very well.

"I will be taking her back here for her recovery until her family gets everything settled," says Einkauf. "She is a wonderful little pup who is an amazing fighter. She is still at the hospital but should be able to come out in a few days. She is considered stable but still not totally out of the woods yet."

Condolences for the Tragedy

On social media, friends, family and work associates shared their fond memories of Laura Arends and their sadness for her death.

Chris Stout worked with Laura Arends for seven years at CVR Energy in Sugar Land, working directly for her over the last year. She described Laura Arends as a mentor and confidant to many of the employees there, and said she also spoke about her son.

“Unfortunately, (Matthew) suffered with mental health issues for years,” Stout said. “It was a constant struggle for (Laura) but she always tried her best to provide for him.”

Stout said she is heartbroken over this tragedy, and said, “(It is) very upsetting that her life came to an end in such a violent way at the hands of someone she loved.”

This investigation is ongoing, and the Fulshear police ask if anyone has information regarding this incident to call 281-346-8888 or email Investigator Villa at

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