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CHEAP GAS ALERT: Prices Dropped At These Stations


November 27, 2018

Jennifer Lynn Greenway

As gas prices continue to drop, consumers are benefitting during the most important time of year. Retailers hope that all the savings in gas translates to more purchases during the holiday season.

A year ago, gas predictors thought gas prices at this time would between $2.38 - $2.49 a gallon for regular gas. November has seen gas prices decline swiftly. Texas generally enjoys some of the cheapest gas in the country with bigger cities having lower prices than smaller cities that have less competition.

Below are the cheapest regular gas prices that have been reported in the last 8 hours to Gas Buddy in Katy.

Exxon - $1.94

1540 Katy Gap Rd.

Costco - $1.94

23645 Katy Fwy.

Buc-ee's - $1.95

27700 Katy Fwy.

Circle K - $1.95

1950 Katy Fort Bend Rd.

Tiny's - $1.95

24346 Franz Rd.

Shell - $1.96

26419 Katy Fwy.

HEB - $1.97

Highland Knolls & Mason Rd.

Exxon - $1.99

26150 Katy Fwy.

Katy Star - $1.99

5710 Hwy Blvd.

Chevron - $1.99

23450 Kingsland Blvd.

Exxon - $1.99

740 Katy-Fort Bend Rd.

Murphy USA - $1.99

25140 Market Place Dr.

All gas prices were reported to Gas Buddy in the past 8 hours.


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