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Cinco Ranch High School Student Brings Gun to School


December 1, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

A Cinco Ranch High School student was removed from class yesterday after they were found to have a firearm in their possession. The firearm was confiscated by Katy ISD Police and was never loaded.

Student Never Made a Threat

On Tuesday November 30, 2021 a Cinco Ranch High School student was removed from their class after it was discovered that they had a firearm in their possession.

Principal Applauds Student Who Reported Gun

“I would like to applaud the student who alerted staff to the fact that someone had brought a weapon to school,” said Cinco Ranch High School Principal James Cross in a statement sent out to parents and staff. “Students often have first-hand knowledge about potential safety issues on campus.”

The firearm was confiscated by Katy ISD police and was not armed. Principal Cross says that at no time did the student make a threat toward another student.

Texas law strictly forbids open or concealed firearms on the premise of a school.

This is an ongoing investigation and Principal Cross stresses that nny students found to be involved with the incident will face disciplinary consequences in accordance with the Katy ISD Discipline Management and Student Code of Conduct.

SpeakUp Application

To help ensure the ongoing safety of Katy students, Principal Cross reminds families to utilize the SpeakUp app to anonymously report tips.

The free app allows students, parents, staff, and community members to report anonymously any tips or dangerous situations that could pose a threat to Katy students and campuses. This real-time information allows Katy ISD to respond faster and more efficiently.

Download and learn more about SpeakUp here.

“I ask that you use this incident today as a teachable moment with your child to help confirm with them the important role they play in keeping our school safe,” says Principal Cross.

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