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City of Katy Approves New Visitor Center


April 25, 2024

By Natalie Cook Clark


The City of Katy City Council approved plans with week for a new Visitor Center that will be built on the on the Downtown Square. The center will benefit all of Katy as it welcomes and educates tourists.

Artist rendering courtesy of The City of Katy


The old library in Katy’s Downtown Square will be renovated into a new Visitor Center for the City of Katy. These renovations are being funded by the Hotel Tax Funds that are only available for tourism related projects.

Katy Receives over $1 Million Visitors a Year

Each year, Katy receives $1.8 million from hotel and motel taxes that can only be used for tourism and related projects.


“People enjoy visiting the City of Katy for many reasons, including the theme parks, museums, parks, shopping and other attractions,” say City of Katy Mayor Pro Tem and City Councilmember Chris Harris.


He says that visitors enjoy destinations like Katy Mills Mall, Typhoon Texas, etc. and that their visits contribute to the City’s economy.


The Visitor Center will educate visitors on information areas such as the railroad, Katy Prairie, and other historical feature. It will also help the youngest visitors know where Katy kids go to enjoy some playtime, etc.


Center Plans to Open in the Fall

Harris hopes that the new project, which will also educate visitors on Katy’s rich history, will be ready this Fall in time for the City’s premiere event of the Katy Rice Festival.


Jamie Wolman, Paul Follis, and Jacalyn Warner were each thanked during the City Council meeting for their help and service during the designing phase.

Katy continues to grow by adding business and residential developments. This will continue to bring in new visitors.



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