Community Members Protest Kids Wearing Masks; Katy ISD Approves April 5 Staff and Student Holiday


March 23, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

The Katy ISD Board of Trustees met last night in a special meeting to discuss the budget and staffing. Community members protested outside and spoke at the meeting opposing children wearing masks in the schools. The Board also approved an extended staff and student holiday on Monday, April 5.

Katy Parents Gather at Meeting in Peaceful Protest

29 Katy parents (and one grandmother) gathered at the Kat ISD School Board meeting last night with signs. They were ready to discuss their belief that wearing masks in schools should be the parents’ choice.

The protestors were allowed to enter the Katy ISD Educational Support Complex, 6301 South Stadium Lane, and attend the Board meeting without wearing masks. At least a dozen held signs protesting masks in schools. Some messages equated mask wearing to child abuse.

The protest was organized through the Freedom Matters Action Group. Bonnie Anderson, a Katy mom and candidate in the upcoming school board election, also told concerned families with whom she spoke, to attend the meeting and be heard.

“We all had our masks, just in case,” says Bonnie Anderson. “The chairs were completely spread apart, so we were able to social distance from other groups. The 29 of us made a choice to not wear masks around each other.”

As is the case with all Board meetings, the Katy ISD Police Department was present and reportedly didn’t say anything to the protestors not wearing masks.

Anderson was inspired to run for office based on the reaction of her kids and how they are handling ongoing COVID-19 safety protocols. She has addressed the Board at seven different meetings and filed two grievances with the Board.