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Confessions from Real Katy Teens

Katy teenagers share their most hilarious, embarrassing moments.

By Shetye Cypher | KATY MAGAZINE, September 2017

Birthday Dash “I went to Rainforest Café with my friends and I had $5 to spend. I ordered the cheapest meal and we told them it was my birthday so we could get free dessert. When the bill came, I learned that the birthday dessert was $.99 and I was a $1 short. I wrote an apology note, left my $5, and ran. I still feel terrible to this day.” - S.H.

Oh Snap “In seventh-grade basketball, we went to a tournament at Morton Ranch and all the teams were there. We had snap pants (the ones you rip off) and mine ripped off, but I had nothing on underneath. Everyone saw my underwear and laughed. We still laugh about it today.” - M.H.

Rock the Crocs “I was on my way to a formal event that required a nice dress and heels. I don’t wear heels to drive, so I wore my Crocs. When I got to the event I realized I had never picked up my heels so I had to rock my plastic, broken Crocs with confidence. I’ll never forget my heels again.

Thief Joke “I once lost my boyfriend in the market and when I ‘found’ him I decided to plan a sneak attack. I snuck up behind him, grabbed his wallet (inside joke), and ran. He chased after me as I ran aisle by aisle laughing, only for a man in his late 20s to stop me and politely ask for his wallet back.” - M.S.

Dance Party “If it is just my family in an elevator, when the doors close we dance and sing ‘Dancin’ in the elevator and as soon as the doors open we stop.” - E.P.

Getaway Cart “One night I was out with my friends and the cops were called because we were knocking on random doors. The cop tried to find us, but failed because we ran off on a golf cart and parked it in a dark field.” - P.C.

Failure to Hide “My junior year, I tried to avoid my crush in the hallway by running into the restroom. Turns out I went into the boys’ restroom and screamed at the top of my lungs when I noticed. Needless to say, my crush really noticed me.” - R.J.

YouTube Sensation “I was at a basketball game and everyone was standing on the bleachers. When I went to step off, I tripped and fell halfway down the stairs. Everyone pulled out their cameras and I was all over social media the next day.” - A.G.

Wrong Answer “We had an open-note test in history, so I gave the answers to the worksheet that goes with it to my friends. Turns out all the dates on it were wrong, and now I don’t have a single friend.” - O.G.

Extra Credit “When I was a freshman, the Fifty Shades of Grey movie came out and I wanted to join in on the movement, so I stole my mom’s Kindle and read the whole trilogy during exams week.” - J.L.

Party Foul “My brother had a party when my parents were not home and someone broke down my parents’ bedroom door. I managed to finish replacing the door five minutes before they walked in.” - B.M.

Mi Amor “One of the reasons I took AP Spanish was so I could get close to my crush.” - E.J.

Where’s My Car “I walked out of the fine arts hallway and got in the wrong car. I didn’t realize the parent next to me wasn’t my mom until I had already buckled my seat belt.” - S.S.

Calling My Name “One time at school, I didn’t come to the stage when my name was called at lunch. Needless to say, that day I had my name screamed over a loud speaker for all of the freshmen class to hear instead.” - T.O.

Domino Effect “I was walking up the school stairs and fell into the guy behind me, dragging him down the stairs with me, and then landed on top of him. To this day he will see me and laugh.” - A.B.

No Laughing Matter “When I had a crush on this guy, I thought he would like me back if I made him laugh. I went to talk to him and tell him a joke, but I ended up laughing so hard at my own joke that I snorted really loud. He didn’t laugh and instead he called me a pig.” - B.W.

Too Funny “My sister and I were sitting on the couch together and she said something really funny. When I got up, I realized that I had peed on the couch from laughing so hard. We got a new one.” - C.G.

Stranger Danger “I went into the store to get something while my family waited in the car. I came back to the car and without even looking, I got in. Next thing I know, I look up to four strangers looking at me wondering why I was in their car.” - M.D.

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