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Faith West Academy Rolled Out Red Carpet for Daddy-Daughter Dance


January 29, 2020

By Jennifer Miko

Faith West Academy’s annual Daddy-Daughter Dance welcomed guests to a special red-carpet event at the Bowery House and Gardens in Katy. The couples enjoyed delicious treats, played games and danced the night away.

When guests weren’t on the dance floor, they were taking turns posing at the photo booth and the large selfie station. Event organizers also led games and contests for special prizes. Fresh flower arrangements, created by the FWA floral design class, enhanced the Oscar-themed event.

Juggling Dance Partners

Some dads at the dance were in high demand, sharing their attention with more than one daughter.

Amy Abels, Faith West Academy PTO President, said these busy dads were amazing. “They played the games as a threesome, or they would compete separately with each daughter,” Abels said. “They took turns dancing and the girls enjoyed talking with friends while their dad was dancing with the other child.”

Couple of Winners

Craig Godwin of Katy escorted his daughter Ali, 15, to the dance. This was the couple’s fifth time attending the Daddy-Daughter Dance, and Godwin admits “Butterfly Kisses” and the “Cupid Shuffle” were their favorite dances.

“I liked dancing “Cupid Shuffle” with my dad because we both knew it well,” said Ali Godwin.

“We did practice the "Git Up" because it was the dance contest song,” Craig Godwin said, “but we needed more practice.”

The Godwins also shared the same favorite memory from the night – the Egg and Spoon race. Craig Godwin described the competition as winning “by a landslide.”

“We ran so fast we were way ahead of everyone else,” said Ali Godwin. “I loved it when we won.”

‘Special Guests’ at the Dance

There were several extra-special “dads” at the dance. One grandfather and one uncle filled in for dads who were unable to attend. Some girls joined their friends’ families for the evening to enjoy the event.

Mission for the Evening

Abel said the dance was not a fundraiser, and the PTO’s goal was to break even and provide an amazing experience for everyone.

“This event is a wonderful outreach for our school and the community,” Abel said. “Any funds that we do earn are used to fund our Teacher Appreciation efforts and to give back to the school with an annual gift.”

2021 Daddy-Daughter Dance

The FWA PTO plans the annual Daddy-Daughter for the weekend prior to the Super Bowl every year.


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