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Faith West Academy Students Convince Administration to Implement Five News Ideas

Faith West Academy Eighth Grade language arts classes


March 6, 2019

Faith West Academy eighth grade language arts students were given an assignment to develop a project that would benefit the school. For eight weeks, the students conducted research, designed flyers, wrote formal letters, and scripted their pitches, which were all presented to school administrators on February 26.

Each student team had three minutes to convince school administrators to implement their projects during the 2019/2020 school year.

Several of the students were successful and administrators announced that five of the projects presented would be implemented for the next school year.


New Projects to be Implemented for 2019-2020 School Year

School Supply Vending Machine

by John Lee, Aizik Aguilar, Angel Machado, & Nathan Hopp

Bringing Breakfast Back

by Dane Carter, Taylor Barnes, & Yolanda Tewodros

Bouncy Bands

by Zach Wigginton & McKenzie Stevenson

Architectural Design - Career and Technology Class

by Ali Godwin, Nayeon Kim, & Ashley Ryan

Remarkable Gym Renovations

Chloe Rossi, Anna Bulkley, & Gabi Rendek (renovations in the FWA gym)

Also chosen to be implemented next year and featured at the FWA Gala,

"A Night of Celebrations"


Faith West Academy announces Award Winners

After the project pitches, the school presented awards to several eight graders who went above and beyond in the following categories.


Stadium Seats - Max Hill and Ethan Bailey


Adulting 101 - Kristen Coleman and Haley Muse


Bouncy Bands - Zach Wigginton and McKenzie Stevenson


Bringing Breakfast Back - Dane Carter, Taylor Barnes, Yolanda Tewodros



The students' teacher, Mrs. Barton, wishes to thank the Faith West Academy administration for supporting such a unique and innovative learning experience.


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