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Fort Bend Constable's Report Shows Increases in Arrests, Accidents, and Calls


February 20, 2019

by Ariana Pezeshki

Fort Bend County Constable's Office Precinct 3 released its 2018 Year in Review of crime statistics with calls, arrests, crashes, warrants served, and more. Virtually all areas increased.

Courtesy of Fort Bend County Constable's Office, Precinct 3 Facebook

According to a 2018 year in review report released by Fort Bend County Constable's Office Precinct 3, there are historical stats covering 2016-2018.

Driving Crime Down

Katy Magazine spoke with Constable Wayne Thompson, who would like the public to know that traffic enforcement is known to drive crime down and that is the reason they are enforcing traffic stops so vigilantly in our area. "The FBI, The National Justice Bureau, will tell you that increased traffic enforcement will reduce crime, if you take a look at our Facebook page you will see where we’ve taken cocaine and heroin off of the streets, and most of that results from a traffic stop," says Constable Thompson.

Increased Statistics Correlates More Response

When we asked Constable Thompson about the increases shown in the statistics below, he wanted to emphasize the importance of being proactive and responsive in assisting the sheriffs’ office with calls and vigilant with traffic enforcement or calls for service since taking office in 2017.

"The changes you’re seeing is what they should’ve been doing in 2016, and we’ve been doing steadily since I took office for the last two years, says Constable Thompson. "Before I was elected, they would not take those calls for the sheriffs’ office in 2016."

"In 2017, we started taking those calls started doing those reports, that’s got a lot to do with that [service call] number increase, it’s not necessarily because there is more crime, it’s because our agency didn’t do it before."


Total Calls for Service as Primary Unit: 2016 – 13,920 (Previous Administration) 2017 – 25,195 2018 – 33,223

Calls Up 138.67% since 2016

Total Arrests: 2017 – 279 Felony Arrests – 52 Misdemeanor – 227 2018 – 405 Felony Arrests – 88 Misdemeanor – 317

Felony Arrests Up 45.16% since 2016

Misdemeanor Arrests Up 39.65% since 2016

Total Vehicle Crashes Worked:

2016 – 66 (Previous Administration) 2017 – 243 2018 – 235

Vehicle Crashes Up 256.06% since 2016

Total Traffic Stops: 2016 – 1,663 (Previous Administration) 2017 – 8,531 2018 – 14,170

Traffic Stops Up 752.07% since 2016

Civil Process Served: 2016 – 3,759 (Previous Administration) 2017 – 4,071 2018 – 4,382

Civil Processing Up 16.57% since 2016

Warrants Cleared:

2016 – 2,765 (Previous Administration) 2017 – 3,343 2018 – 2,275

Warrants Down 17.72% since 2016


Being Proactive and Vigilante

"Basically it boils down to two things. The previous Constable was not proactive in getting the deputies to be very vigilant with traffic enforcement or calls for service. So when I took office we put emphasis on being proactive and responsive," says Constable Thompson. "The previous constable did not like the deputies making traffic stops," says Constable Thompson.

"He discouraged it; in fact many of them didn’t have citation books so we fixed all that and went to electronic ticket writer machines made it easier for the guys and quicker to do a traffic stop."

Constable Thompson says the Precinct's most general complaints are traffic related,which lead the Constable and Deputies to make the effort to go out and enforce and increase traffic stops. "That doesn’t mean that out of the 14,170 traffic stops those were all citations - those include warnings, cites and tickets. It’s a direct response to the traffic complains we see and us being proactive", says Constable Thompson.


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