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FREE Parenting Classes in October & November in Katy, Texas

Holy Covenant United Methodist Church and The Excel Center of Katy will partner in October & November to offer free parenting classes on topics like teen dating, self-esteem, and more.


October 13, 2017

Ashley Lancaster

During the months of October & November, Holy Covenant UMC & The Excel Center of Katy will host a series of courses designed to help Katy families navigate the issues around raising children and teenagers in the modern age. Each session will be presented by a licensed professional from the Excel Center. Childcare will also be provided.


October 18 - Overexposer: Social Media and Your Kids Alyssa L. Muchaw, MA, LPC Intern, NCC- Katy

One objective parents will learn about is how to set limits for Social Media use with their children. Appropriate limits and boundaries will be discussed based on their child’s age and developmental level. Aly will also present information regarding the ways children and adolescents are exposed to Social Media today and some of the concerns that may develop from content they experience. Lastly, this lecture will provide families with resources to help them set up parental control settings and understand what features or smart phone apps are available to help keep their children safe and protected.

October 25th - Teen Dating: “I Thought We Could Talk About This In College”

Sherry Malcomb Gill, MA, LMFT, LPC New Solutions and Brenda Leiber, MA, LPA, LPC

What is dating? When will my child be old enough to date? What should I know about dating 2017? Isn’t dating the same as when I was a kid? Why can’t kids just talk on the phone like I did? What do you mean “there are teen dating sites”? What types of dating are age appropriate? Why do other parents let their kids go out to unsupervised/risky activities? Their goal is help you be more comfortable with these and other uncomfortable topics by the end of the night.

November 1st- Body Image and Self Esteem Frank Simcik LPC,LMFT, LCDC Park Ten Counseling, Inc.

A Workshop on how self esteem develops in the parent child relationship. Here, we will walk through steps to create a parental style that will help the child develop courage, responsibility, and cooperation. Additionally, attendees will be better skilled at recognizing their child's goal for contact, power, protection, withdrawal, and the need to be challenged. In the end, we will strive to help the child and parent develop a positive approach to these goals.

November 8th – Depression in Children : What it looks like and what to do Joy Pellerin, MA, LPC, Stokan Jaggers and Associates and Amy Galpin, MA, LPC-S

Parents will learn the signs and symptoms of depression in children, teenagers, and young adults and then what they can do to best support their child. We will also discuss when it is important to seek help and treatment options that are available.

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