Governor Abbott Sets Opening Dates for Water Parks, Adult Sports Programs


May 26, 2020

By Jennifer Miko

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced amendments to the Phase II initiative to reopen Texas during the coronavirus pandemic. In a proclamation issued today, the Governor set dates to reopen water parks, recreational sport programs for adults, driver education programs, and food-court dining areas within shopping malls.

Photo: Typhoon Texas

In Austin today, Governor Abbott issued a proclamation that listed additional services and activities that can reopen with certain restrictions, to protect the health and safety of participants and guests.

The Governor amended Executive Order GA-23, “by amending item 5 to permit food-court dining areas within shopping malls to open.”

Recommendations for dining areas in shopping malls were listed in a press release on the Governor's website:

"Malls are encouraged to designate one or more individuals who are responsible for ensuring health and safety practices are followed, including:

  • Limiting tables to six individuals

  • Maintaining a six-feet distance between individuals sitting at different tables

  • Cleaning and disinfecting tables between uses

  • Ensuring no condiments or other items are left on tables between customer uses." 

DMV Facilities Available

The proclamation also stated that driver education programs can resume operations immediately. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles' website announced that some of its regional service centers opened as of today, with new office health and safety procedures in place.e.

Water Parks to Reopen

Starting this Friday, May 29, water parks in the state can open, however they must limit occupancy to 25% of normal operating limits. If the water park has a video arcade onsite, that attraction must remain closed.