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Governor Vows to Correct Broken Bond System After Report from Katy Authority


January 22, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Texas governor Greg Abbott agrees that the Texas bond system is broken, especially in Harris County where violent felons have been released on lower bonds. A Katy authority was asked to provide information on the issue and now the governor vows to make the bond system a priority.

Harris County Recognized as having Bond Issue

While the bond issue concerns all of Texas, the greater Houston area seems to be greatly impacted. Gov. Abbott specifically mentioned Harris County.

Andy Kahan, with Crime Stoppers Houston, stresses that this is a “public safety issue” for the entire county and surrounding areas.

"The fact is Texas has a broken bail system that allows dangerous criminals to go free," says Gov. Greg Abbott.

“This means the governor has made fixing our broken bail system a priority,” says Kahan. “I’m tickled to death. It doesn’t get any better when the Governor of our great State recognizes the bond problem.”

Currently, area judges have the power to set bonds. Governor Abbott is asking for legislation this season that will increase the qualifications for what judges can set bail and expand the criteria that judges must consider.

Legislation Heading to State

“I’m confident that within the next few months we will see legislation,” says Andy Kahan. He says that Senator Paul Bettencourt with District 7 is expected to propose legislation on this issue next week.

“Considering that our local officials are mostly silent,” says Kahan, “this is a big plus.”

Low Bonds Resulted in 90 Harris County Deaths

Kahan points out that Harris County has seen 90 deaths as a result of suspects out on low bonds.

Currently, one of Crime Stoppers’ “most wanted” is Katy man who was released on a low bond.

“Take Katy resident Jacque Adams,” says Kahan. “We featured him in 2019 on our top 10 wanted for human trafficking. He was in custody but now is a fugitive again.”

For More information on Crime Stoppers visit their website.


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