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HCSO Reminds Katy Residents to Be Cautious in With Suspicious Packages

In light of the recent violence in Austin, Texas involving bombs placed inside unsolicited packages, Harris County Sheriff's Office is urging citizens to be extra cautious when accepting and opening mail. At this time, there is no evidence or indication of danger of this kind in the Katy community.


Posted by Ashley Lancaster

A Statement from HCSO

"As a matter of normal operations, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office is always monitoring local, state and national affairs when it concerns the safety of our citizens. Our department along with other local agencies, are staying vigilant with the current situation in Austin, TX as they relate to suspicious packages.

As of this time there is no indication or evidence to suggest any danger from these types of incidents is imminent within our community. If any suspicious and unsolicited packages arrive to your home, please inquire with all of your family members and ensure no one is expecting the delivery. Business owners should also check with employees for any boxes or freight that may be delivered unexpectedly.

If you encounter any suspicious packages and believe that you are in danger, STOP immediately. Do not open or move it; leave the package and call 911 immediately. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office encourages everyone: if you “see something, say something!”


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