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Historic Katy Mayor Reunion Held at Heritage Museum


February 24, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

Current Mayor of Katy Bill Hastings and four past Katy Mayors hosted a community coffee reunion this morning at the Johnny Nelson Katy Heritage Museum. Katy Magazine was thrilled to be part of this historic get together.

Pictured: Don Elder Jr., Fabol Hughes, Mayor Bill Hastings, Katy City Administrator Byron Hebert, Doyle Callender, Charles Brawner.

Katy Mayor Reunion

Current Katy Mayor Bill Hastings and four past Katy Mayors held a reunion this morning and a community coffee at the Johnny Nelson Katy Heritage Society Museum. It was a wonderful community social full of history, memories, and the celebration of history.

Current Mayor Bill Hastings opened up the event by recognizing and honoring the VFW members who were present, as Katy and the world watches on and prays for those in the path of the current Russian invasion in Ukraine.

He thanked our Katy veterans for their service and welcomed everyone to enjoy a casual morning of community without the stress of politics.

Former Mayors Doyle Callender (2001-2007,) Don Elder Jr. (2007-2013,) Fabol Hughes (2013-2017,) and Chuck Brawner (2017-2019) joined Mayor Hastings, Katy City Council and other local officials at the event. Former Mayors Skip Conner (1991-1995) and Hank Schmidt (1995-2001) were unable to attend.

The setting for such a historic meeting was perfect as photographs, historic vehicles, important tokens of Katy’s history and even a running model train surrounded those who attended at the museum.

Former Mayors present today:

Doyle Callender (2001-2007)

Former Mayor Doyle Callender was known for being the people’s mayor while in office from 2001-2007. He also was part of creating the Katy Heritage Park, where today’s event was held, off of George Bush Park in Old Katy.

Texas Representative Bill Callegari honored Callender for his accomplishments as the mayor of Katy. He also earned numerous Katy Community awards including the Greater Katy Citizen of the Year Award, VFW Post Community Service Awards and more just to recognize his involvement and passion to serve his fellow Katy residents.

Don Elder Jr. (2007-2013)

Elder, like other Katy Mayors, was a true servant of the people and continues to stay involved to this day. He is passionate about service especially to his volunteer work with the Special Olympics to his support of Katy senior citizens.

Elder and his wife, Ida Fay proudly showed the Katy Magazine staff the “Mayors Room” in the Katy Heritage Museum. There Katy Mayors dated back to the 40’s have glassed showcases of items related to their tenure. Elder proudly showed off his Eagle Scout Award.

Fabol Hughes (2012-2017)

Hughes led Katy during a time of immense growth, which continues to this day. He was instrumental in seeing the growth and development of Typhoon Texas, new hotels, Amazon, Buc-ees, and more.

Hughes believes that when businesses thrive that the people of Katy thrive as well through economic growth.

Charles “Chuck” Brawner (2017-2019)

Brawner saw Katy through Hurricane Harvey, the city’s most costly natural disaster and the country’s second most costly storm.

He spent his time in office overseeing rebuilding efforts, focusing on drainage issues, and city security.

Current Mayor Hastings recently announced that he will not seek another term in office.

“I’m ready to say no to things and focus on being a good husband, father, and grandfather,” says Mayor Hastings.

Photo from the 2009 Reunion. Mayors listed in order of service: John Morrison 1979-1983, Johnny Nelson 1983-1987, Ward Standbury 1988-1991, Skip Conner 1991-1995, Hank Schmidt Jr. 1995-2001, Doyle Callender 2001-2007, Don Elder Jr. 2007-2013.

Dusty Thiele to Join the City of Katy Mayor Club

Longtime Katy resident Dusty Thiele will take office in May after an unopposed election. Mayor-elect Thiele was appointed to the City Council to serve in times of need by former Mayor Don Elder and current Mayor Hastings. He currently is the Chairman for the City of Katy Conventions and Tourism Bureau Board.

Katy Mayor-Elect Dusty Thiele.

Current City of Katy Mayor Pro Tem Chris Harris chose not to run for mayor and will stay in his current role but, has not ruled out any future elections.

Elected City of Katy Officials serve the City of Katy proper. Katy is composed of three counties and both in and out of city limits developments. Where residents live inside the City of Katy limits, the history and values of Katy make the surrounding area what it is today.

Learn About Katy History

Katyites don't have to wait for such historic events to learn about Katy history. Learn more about The Katy Heritage Society, The Katy Heritage Museum and their historical homes and events at their website.

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