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Honoring Caleb Lane, Tompkins Student Killed During Spring Break

Caleb "Dees" Lane, a freshman at Tompkins High student, was killed while on Spring Break in Provo, Utah.


March 22, 2018

by Jennifer Skelton

Caleb and his family moved to Katy in 2016. They were originally from Utah.

Caleb was home visiting family during Spring Break, when he was hit by a car on Friday, March 16th. After the doctors determined that Caleb no longer had brainstem activity, the family made the selfless decision to donate various organs to save others. Caleb was able to gift his liver, a kidney and pancreas, and a single kidney to three strangers. He gave his corneas and the gift of sight to two individuals. He also gave tissue to research studies.

According to the beautiful tribute page created to honor Caleb, he loved math, physics and engineering. He loved it so much that the last three summers he attended UVU prep, where he was able to study the subjects further.

Caleb was a kind and giving soul. In his short time in Katy, he made an impact on those that knew him. So much so that on Wednesday, March 21st, students wore blue to school in his honor.

Caleb leaves behind a sister, Hannah, and parents Kim and Jason, all of Katy.

Caleb's memorial service will be held Friday, March 23, 2018 at 4 PM at the Provo Rec Center in Provo, Utah.

To read more about Caleb's life, visit the page created in his honor. (Click here)

Friends and family started a GoFund Me to help the family with expenses. Click here.


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