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Katy Area High Schools Homecoming: Must Knows for Students and Parents


By Anne Lee Bowman and Jennifer Miko

Homecoming energy is building in the Katy high schools. Pep rallies, led by cheerleaders and the band, pump up the home team and the fans for the big game. But the excitement also builds for the homecoming dance. Here's what you must know about homecoming in Katy.

Photo courtesy Rebecca Fox


1. How to Ask Your Date

Just like prom, asking someone to the homecoming (Ho-Co) dance has become a big deal. This time of year, students use the element of surprise and plot creative ways to secure their date. Here are some sweet ways to invite that special someone to Ho-Co.

  • ​Order custom M&Ms with "Ho-Co?" written on them.

  • Create a poster: this go-to classic is easy to transport, and allows for lots of creativity. Choose colorful colors and print neatly. Original rhymes, inside jokes and puns make the moment more special.

  • Spell out "Ho-Co?" with icing on a cake or giant cookie, or arrange pepperoni on a pizza.

  • Wait by their car at dismissal with flowers.

  • Set up a treasure hunt with clues that lead them to you.

  • Write a sweet note asking your potential date to homecoming and put it into a balloon. Blow up the balloon and tie it to their backpack or car. Be nearby when they pop the balloon and read your letter.

  • ​Serenade them with their favorite song.

2. Mum Traditions

The homecoming "mum" began as a sweet Texan token of affection given to a girl by her date in honor of the high school homecoming football game and surrounding events. By the 1980s and '90s, mums became increasingly elaborate, and real chrysanthemum blooms were replaced with artificial flowers in varying shades, carefully selected to match school colors. Rather than attempt to pin the larger arrangements to their clothing, young women wore their mums around their necks.

Of course, the bigger the mum, the heavier, and the more durable the backing material must be. Today, cardboard is often replaced with plexiglass, and ornately decorated mums can weigh more than 20 pounds!

​These days, accessories aren’t limited to flowers and ribbons. Think: battery operated lights and noisemakers, airhorns, and multiple stuffed animals.

When a girl gets asked to homecoming, the boy's family traditionally makes her mum, and the the girl's family makes the "garter" for the young man to wear. The garters, considerably smaller than the mum, but designed in the same style, get worn on the upper arm.

Some school organizations sell mums as a fundraiser, much to the relief of parents who don't own a glue gun. Note: underclassmen mums are created with the school colors, junior mums feature silver and white accessories, and senior mums are gold and white.

Students wear their mums to classes on the Friday of homecoming weekend, but not without complications.


3. When is the Homecoming Game?

The Friday night lights will shine brightly for the homecoming games! Mark your calendars and get your tickets before they sell out. Games are always held the night before the homecoming dance.

  1. Katy - September 13 at Legacy

  2. Tompkins - September 20 at Rhodes

  3. Taylor - September 20 at Legacy

  4. Seven Lakes - September 27 at Rhodes

  5. Morton Ranch -September 27 at Legacy

  6. Cinco Ranch - October 4 at Rhodes

  7. Paetow - October 11 at Legacy

  8. Mayde Creek - October 18 at Rhodes


4. What to Wear to the Game

Show school pride and root on your home team at the homecoming game. The student section in the stadium represents the loudest fans - they stand for the entire game and know all of the cheers.

Fans will represent the school colors – on lettermen jackets, t-shirts and hats. For homecoming, students wear their mums and garters. Depending on the size of the mum, many girls wear the traditional, decorated overalls to support the weight of their special flower.


5. Who Picks Homecoming Court?

High school students seek nominations from their classmates to be on the homecoming court. After a school-wide vote, the court is selected and gets introduced at halftime, then the homecoming king and queen of the court are announced.


6. What to Wear to the Dance

Often times friends form Ho-Co groups to plan the details for the dance: dress shopping (so no one wears the same outfit), getting ready (hair and makeup), pre-dance photos and dinner plans.

Homecoming attire falls somewhere between school clothes and prom. Girls typically wear a knee-length-ish dress and heels. The parade of glittery fabrics and lace features every color of the rainbow. Guys' attire ranges from pants and a button-down shirt (Sunday best) to a suit-and-tie combo. Dates typically coordinate so the dress and tie match, and the couple exchanges corsages and boutonnieres that include their colors too.


7. Where to Take Pre-Dance Photos

Katy offers many great places to take your Ho-Co pictures. Old Town Katy hosts many historical landmarks and parks, and many subdivisions have architectural and water features that make awesome backdrops for your couple or large group. Check out these Katy locations to capture your homecoming memories.

Remember to be respectful of common areas and private property. Plan enough time to wrangle everyone, consider high heels don't travel well through grass or rough terrain. Pack waters and bring parent photographers.

Greenhouse at Cane Island

2100 Cane Island Pkwy.

“You'll Love Katy” Mural

6001 George Bush Dr.

Cinco Ranch Water Park

24019 Hamptonshire Lane

Entrance to Cane Island

Cane Island Parkway and Hwy 90

MKT Train in Old Katy

5615 1st Street

Gazebo at Grand Lakes

Emily Park Lane

Mary Jo Peckham Park

5597 Gardenia Lane

Rice Dryers in Old Katy

5331 1st Street



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