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Katy Boy Buys ‘Dark Angel’ Halloween Décor Causing Neighborhood Stir


October 15, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

A Katy boy saved his money and bought a truly terrifying moving dark angel decoration that is causing a stir in Heritage Square. An anonymous neighbor put a note on the home’s door requesting the décor to be removed.

A Katy family received a note requested they remove their 'dark angel' Halloween decoration. Photo credit: Velvet Cook

7-year-old Grandson Puts Money Towards Decor

Katy resident, Velvet Cook lives with two of her grandsons in Heritage Square. They all love Halloween, especially the 7-year-old.

“He is obsessed with Halloween and loves it every year,” says Velvet Cook. “He had asked us if he could have something new for Halloween, so we looked for a few weeks and he found the dark angel that moved.”

The decoration was expensive so Cook told her grandson that if he really wanted he would need to contribute his own money to help out and he paid $100 towards it.

An Anonymous Neighbor Requests Decoration Removal

Last week a neighbor had their child put an anonymous note on the Cook’s door saying that the decoration scared their child and requested that it be removed.

Cook made a post on social media about the note and request that has received over 500 comments.

“I honestly was hoping that she would read my post and we could have a conversation about it,” says Cook. The neighbor has not reached out to them again.

“I wanted her to see our thoughts about it and how our family really enjoys Halloween and my grandson spent a lot of his own money to decorate,” says Cook.

The Cooks decorate each year for Halloween. Her husband and grandchildren love to plan out and decorate the yard for families to enjoy as they love to drive around and see other Katy decorations.

Willing to Ease People's Fears

“I do understand that it’s not for everybody, but we did spend a lot of money on it,” says Cook. “You can feel free to come and touch it and show them that it is not a real.”

Cook also says that she is willing to unplug it in the morning during school drop off and school dismissal if that would help to ease anyone’s fears.

“I’m sorry if we offend anyone we are just trying to enjoy Halloween,” says Cook.

If you want to see the Cook’s dark angel décor, the live in Heritage Square behind Cimarron Elementary.


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