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Katy City Council Appoints Frank Carroll to Fill Vacated Seat


September 14, 2018

by Katrina Katsarelis

At a special City Council meeting held on Friday, Frank Carroll was officially appointed to fill the open seat vacated by Gary Jones last week. (Jones had cited personal matters as his reason for leaving.) Carroll received a unanimous yes vote earlier in the week by from Councilmembers who met Wednesday and voted on his appointment. Carroll will represent Ward A for the remainder of the term, which ends in May 2019.

Involved in Katy Government Prior to being appointed, Carroll had regularly attended City of Katy council meetings for more than a year. He also attended the City’s open budget hearings. After Jones resigned, Mayor Chuck Brawner made an announcement that if anyone was interested in being considered for the position to contact him. So Carroll, along with a few other candidates, expressed interest. The City of Katy's Home Rule Charter provides the council may fill the the seat within 20 days of vacancy. “I’ve taken a deep interest in local government at the city council level and have devoted my time and energy to the city,” says Carroll, who also served on the zoning board of adjustments for the City of Katy. Carroll says he serves on the quality plan development and water resource committee for the West Houston Association. He is a also member of the Katy Area Economic Development Council as well.

Carroll seems to have the support of the rest of the council. "Frank is well versed in our goals as a council, flood mitigation, small town feel, and quality city services," states Chris Harris, Councilmember At-Large. “Frank will be a tremendous asset for his constituents and I know he will represent and fight for their interests on city council." A City in Crisis Carroll says he is deeply honored and humbled by the opportunity to serve. “I’m going to get right to work and I’m very appreciative that the members of the council have trusted me to help make these important decisions that are about to come down.

Carroll is in favor of funding of the city’s police and firefighters as well as funding the many drainage projects needed to stop future flooding in Katy. Carroll believes that until the flooding issues are resolved, Katy is a currently a city in crisis. “We can’t be constantly holding our breath and worrying about losing hundreds of homes every time it rains,” he says. "That’s not how you build a world class community and I believe Katy is a world class community.” Donating His Salary Carroll is also donating his Council Member salary (approximately $1000 month) to the Keep Katy Beautiful organization. “They have such a wonderful group of volunteers. Those folks work tirelessly to make Katy a world class place to live," says Carroll.

More About Carroll

Frank Carroll is a Katy resident who works as an attorney at Roberts Markel Weinberg Butler Hailey PC law firm. He received a BA from University of California San Diego and a JD from University of Houston Law Center. Carroll has lived in Katy for nine years and in Ward A for four years. He and his wife April have two sons, Bryant age 12, and Lincoln, age 6 who attend Katy ISD schools. The couple's third son is due on Christmas Day. The family attends Katy Community Fellowship Church. His wife is a lifelong resident of Waller County and his children are fifth generation Waller County residents.


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