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Katy Dog Rides on FedEx Truck to Pearland


October 1, 2019

By Natalie Cook Clark

A Katy dog frightened by the weather hopped in a FedEx truck last week and went on an adventure out of the city. Lola is now back with her family thanks to an amazing FedEx driver's family and the pup's microchip.

Poor Lola Hates Bad Weather

Keri Berdette wasn't expecting the rain we had last Friday. Like many Katy residents, neither was her dog. Pure-bread Lhasa Apso Lola was terrified of the storm and got out of their Weston Lakes' fence.

"She hates bad weather," says owner Keri Berdette. "She's gotten out twice before and both times was picked up by neighbors."

As time passed, Berdette grew get worried Lola's disappearance.

"I prayed that her microchip would help us find her as I got that set up after her last disappearance," she says. "We live right on the river and she's never gone to it but I couldn't help but be worried."

Saved by a FedEx Driver

FedEx driver, and dog lover, Ivan Rhodarte has a history of helping dogs. He had previously saved a three-legged dog. But his time he was almost home to Pearland when he realized Lola had snuck into his truck. He reportedly tried to get her to go out to her home, not knowing where she was from, but she refused. So Rhodarte took Lola home to his family.

At this point, Berdette was frantic and reaching out to social media for help.

Rhodarte's wife took Lola to a local vet and they were able to identify her via the recently-added microchip. Once the couple reached Berdette, they met half-way to return the well-loved pup.

'Grateful for Honest People!'

"I'm so grateful for the wonderful, honest people," says Berdette. "I'm so thankful."

update you microchip information. This serves as a great reminder to get your pets microchip and to, if needed,

Lola had a collar with tags but she wiggled out of it. This is where her microchip played an important role in finding her rightful home. The microchip is permanent and can't be separated from the pet, like a collar or tags can. If your dog or cat is lost or stolen, the chip and its registration is definitive proof of ownership.


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