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Katy ESD48 Serves the Katy Community with Free Services and Community Help


October 2, 2023

By Natalie Cook Clark

Harris County ESD 48 continues to serve the Katy community despite the immense growth and bring complimentary services to help Katy residents.

Photo credit: Harris County ESD48

The Katy community continues to grow and local agencies like Harris County ESD48 continue to strive to meet the growth and help Katy families.

Harris County ESD48 is one the largest Fire Departments in the Katy area and serves much of the Katy Magazine readership. They continue to strive to meet the need of the area while Katy continues to grow.

“Demographics change when a neighborhood gets older,” says Jason Tharp, District Chief Eastex Fire Department/Battalion Chief of Community Risk Reduction & PIO HCESD48. While the area is seeing immense growth in areas like Marcella Lakes.

The Harris County ESD 48 has 6 ambulances and

“We know this is the worst time to ask for help,” says Tharp. “Times are going up affecting what we do.”

Tharp says they need to build out a Station 6, plus deal with supplies, etc. They also hope to build out a “Safety Town,” where Katy ISD could bring buses to educate and train students.

ESD48 is known for their safety checks. The origination offers free home safety checks and normally operates around 30 checks.

“We’ve become a poster child community for risk reduction,” says Tharp.

While the Katy community continues to grow, HCESD48 continues to meet the needs.

They offer Home Safety Checks, Safe Sitter, Car Seat Checks (once a months,) and more.

“We’ve become the poster child for community risk reduction,” says Tharp.

The biggest issues they have seen in the community is “slips, trips and falls,” with in their elderly community. While many see the apartments moving in off of 99, the are seeing the retirement communities and elderly homes coming in that increase their calls.

Harris County ESD48 s hosting their Open House on October 21, 2023 at stations 3 and 5 from 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

This election the hope voters will elect to increase 2 cents. This will allow them to increase more advance life support, acquire land to add a future station 2 at Fry Road and Kingsland. Build Station 6 on Porter Road near Clay Road.

Learn more about the services that Katy Harris County ESD48 provides here.

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