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Katy Families Prepare to View the Eclipse at Home or Away


April 4, 2024

By Natalie Cook Clark


On Monday, April 8, 2024 Texas is center stage to a solar eclipse. While Katy will not experience totality, Katyites who stay will have options to enjoy this rare event.


Monday may be a regular business and school day, but it is far from a normal day. Katyites plan to experience the legendary eclipse. Some will celebrate at an event in Katy while others have planned for over a year to travel to the path of totality.


“Sometimes as humans, we need to be reminded how truly small we are in our own solar system,” says Katy resident Jake Floyd. “A total solar eclipse event reminds us how spectacular our solar system is.” The Floyds have planned for over a year to travel to Waco to see the solar eclipse.


A solar eclipse is when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. This will block the Sun from us temporarily. The Katy area will not experience a total eclipse. Katy will see over 90% of the event.



The eclipse will be visible in Katy starting Monday at 12:20 p.m. through 3:01 p.m.


There hasn’t been an event like this in Katy since 1878. If you are staying in Katy, there are opportunities to gather and celebrate this event.


Where to See the Eclipse in Katy

No Label Brewing Co.

5351 1st Street

12:00 p.m.


No Label Brewing is celebrating big with their Total Eclipse Bash. Katyites can find exclusive merchandise, live music, and food. The fun will start at noon. The first lucky attendees will get free eclipse eyewear. Enjoy food trucks and a performance by Coleton Black.

No Label



Arboretum Park

2046 Katy City Park Road

12:30 p.m.- 2:00 p.m.


Enjoy a “Cosmic Eclipse Encounter” with a story time and craft. There will be free eclipse glasses.


Eclipse Safety: Viewing and Travel

Of course, you can watch the eclipse from home. Safety is important when watching the eclipse and residents are urged to take precautions and protect your vision. Learn more after eclipse viewing safety from NASA.


Katy will not experience an eclipse of this nature until 2044. For many Katy families, this is important enough to leave for the chance to see a total eclipse. Katy is drivable from the path of totality and because of this, many residents plan to travel this weekend.


“Our family is traveling to Waco to see the eclipse in its totality to get the full experience,” says Floyd. “Experiences like this don’t happen very often and we believe that it is important for our children’s learning and as a family to see this amazing natural phenomenon.”


Waco and the Central Texas area is in the path of totality. These cities have prepared for this event, but any Katy residents who chose to travel need to expect large crowds.


The weather forecast is not predicting clear skies for those watching the eclipse in Katy or for those who chose to travel throughout Texas. Still, many places are having festivals and events to celebrate the event. Regardless, Monday will be a fun day for many.


“Traffic is expected to be heavy Monday, despite the gloomy forecast,” says Fort Bend County Constable Chad Norvell. “Leave early and expect traffic and delays.”


Katy ISD is in school on Monday.

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