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Katy Family Brings the Frights in Free, Popular Haunted House


October 28, 2023

By Natalie Cook Clark

For three years strong, this Katy family continues to share their love for Halloween by offering a free Haunted House that is known the bring in around 400 guests. The spooky fun takes place this weekend at their home in Trails of Katy and has grown into a Spooktacular Katy Halloween tradition.

All photos credited to: Damion McHenry

5-7 Rooms of Halloween Fun

With 5-6 rooms of frights, the McHenry brings the horror and fun spooks to Katy this weekend. Complete with homemade props and family actors they are ready to greet fellow Halloween lovers. Last year their Haunted House drew a crowd of around 400 guests.

“I've always loved Halloween, and then I met my wife, who's birthday is on the 31st, which added to my love of the holiday,” says Damion McHenry. “We've always celebrated with Halloween parties.”

Three years ago, Damion decided to started building his own props with the idea to offer an official and original haunt for their family, friends, and community. Their first year they expected just a few neighborhood kids but ended up having close to 300 guests. Last year that number grew to 400.

The McHenry Haunted House offers different themes in each room so guests can find a true variety to their Spooktacular fun. Guests can expect to find a creepy doll room, a butcher room, a skeleton room, and more!

From Digital Projections to Homemade Animatronics

“I use some digital projections, and then last year I began to build some of my own animatronics,” says Damion.

The McHenry children are actors along with nieces, nephews, and some volunteers. There are around 15 people working the event during its run.

“Even though the setup only takes about three days, I generally start working on researching ideas and building props in June,” explains Damion. “It's definitely a family effort, with all hands-on deck during setup days.”

All the Details

The McHenry Haunted House is located at 28110 Flywheel Court and is completely FREE. It runs this Saturday, October 28, 2023 from dusk to 10:00 p.m. and Sunday, October 29, 2023 from dusk to 9:00 p.m. They do run the house on Halloween night but try to reserve that for their Trails of Katy neighborhood because the line can get really long.

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