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Katy Friends Celebrate Women Through Empowerment Podcast

KATY MAGAZINE I November 2019

By Natalie Cook Clark

What started as a small-town idea has turned into a global movement as Katy's Jennifer Etter and Susan Mobley launched their Find Her Seat podcast to help empower women and celebrate women who are making a difference.

Katy Women Met Through Work

Katy residents, Jennifer Etter and Susan Mobley worked in a networking business together. The duo kept getting assigned to the same projects so much that colleagues just started putting their names together.

"We just clicked and worked great together," says Jennifer.

Together They Empower Women

"We had both experienced the cattiness that often occurs with women in the workplace and we hated it," says Susan. "By working together we were proof that women are stronger together. We knew that we wanted to empower other women together."

Find Your Seat: The Making of a Name

"We want you to find your seat at your table," says Jennifer. "We want the stay-at-home mom, the professional woman, whatever your table is. We want you to find your voice, whatever that table may be."

And with that belief, the idea for the Find Her Seat podcast was found.

Anyone Can Do Anything

Jennifer and Susan took an 8-week podcasting class.

"That's proof that anyone can do anything," says Susan.

They launched their podcast, "Find Her Seat" last April with the goal to showcase women who are making a difference, to uplift and empower them. "We want to give permission to be empowered wherever you are in life."

"We are not one of those feminist shows," says Jennifer. "We are not a man-hating show, in fact we just had on our first man guest - the head of Runway Houston."

Seeking Guests and Topics

The hosts look for guests who are game-changers with timely topics, working to empower and uplift women. At first, Susan and Jennifer were broadcasting through Zoom once a week. Very quickly their program took off. Now, purely on word of mouth, people are coming to them. Find Her Seat is now booked three months out and they host a show on Tuesday and Thursdays.

"We are inspired by this movement," says Jennifer. "It's fascinating to see the power of word of mouth. We're also partnering with businesses for speaking engagements and events.

Reaching a Global Audience

The success of the show has grown from 500 downloads to thousands, with audiences reaching to all parts of the globe.

"We started with a very local approach and hosted seven business owners from Katy," says Susan. "We don't give our guests questions in advance except for, 'what is your why?' I want to see what drives people to find their voice at their table and let them inspire others."

People Want to Hear This

"This really speaks to something that people want to hear," says Jennifer. "I think this shows how we are evolving as a society. People are seeing how powerful the woman is when she is lifted up and empowered."

"People are hungry for this," says Susan." And we're bringing the food."

Amazed by Humbled, Awe-Inspiring Guests

"We're seeing clear trends when we speak to many of our guests - they are so humble," says Jennifer. "We interviewed one woman who was outsourcing work to third world countries to give women jobs that otherwise they wouldn't have. We've spoken to a single mom with a full time job, but in her 'spare time' she hosts events such as a recent golf tournament to raise money for children's cancer research. She does this because she feels called to give back. It's truly amazing some of the people we've met. I think we've been taught not to toot our own horn so now we're exposing this empowerment movement and helping others."

Empowering the Next Generation

"We want to see empowerment on the rise, to inspire woman including those of the next generation," says Jennifer.

Jennifer is married with two daughters, 15 and 9.

"I'm showing them what's possible. They both have learning disabilities, they don't fit the typical mold but that is OK because they can find another path."

Susan has been a single mother for many years and is now engaged. She has a son who is 14 years old and a daughter who is 11.

"I love knowing that I'm leading by example. I'm showing them that if you are passionate and set your mind to it anything is possible, and they emulate it. They are learning to have the power to make their own choices."

Susan's daughter's friends love the show and often ask her about upcoming topics. Find Her Seat is reaching that next generation of empowered girls.

For both women, the podcast is their second job although it is always the highlight of their day. Jennifer is a BioField Therapist and Susan is a Network Marketer.

Big Plans Ahead...

Big plans are on the horizon for Katy's podcast dynamic duo. They recently joined the Heart Association Guild Committee, are working on a November fun run, planning a Find Her Seat Birthday bash, a Find Her Seat retreat, and so much more.

"We want everyone to find their passion," says Jennifer."

"We've had so many goosebumps moments this year and there's only much more of that to come as we continue to inspire and empower women everywhere," says Susan.

Find Her Seat airs live via Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30 am. You can access the live feed through their official Facebook page. All episodes are recorded and kept on Facebook and also on their YouTube channel. Learn more at their website.


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