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Katy High School Twins Earn Identical GPA’s in Valedictorian Race


May 2, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy High School twins will graduate with identical GPA’s. Half a point separated these brothers in the race for valedictorian and salutatorian.

Left to Right: Arman Saxena (KHS Valedictorian) and Ronak Saxena (KHS Salutatorian.)

Twins Take Top Katy High School Graduating Spots

Katy High School twins Arman and Ronak Saxena earn valedictorian and salutatorian for this year’s 2022 graduating class.

How was Valedictorian Determined?

Both brothers earned the same GPA of 4.8525.

“It all came down to the average grade in the classes they took,” says Maria DiPetta, Katy ISD Manager, Media Relations and Multimedia. Arman earned the top spot by half a point.

The Saxena family has lived in Katy for close to 16 years and loves their hometown. At the start of their senior year they learned that they had the same GPA and were confident that it would stay pretty close throughout the school year.

Photo courtesy of the Saxena family.

Brotherly Inspiration

Both brothers inspire each other to be better and competitive.

“Constantly witnessing someone as hard working as him pushed me to do better myself,” says Arman. “And seeing someone so close to me being so successful brought a definite competitive spirit.”

“Arman’s focus and success has inspired me to also work hard to achieve the same level of success,” says Ronak. “His ability to do well in multiple fields also inspired me to do my best in everything that I do, which has made me a really competitive person as I now take a lot of activities pretty seriously as I always try to do my best in each task I am presented with.”

The Saxena brothers will continue to stay together as they both plan to attend Rice University. Arman will study Statistics and Business, while Ronak plans to study Bio-Engineering.

While at Katy High School they (along with their friend Joshua Marthand) founded Quiz Bowl. They are still part of the group.

Photo courtesy of the Saxena family.

Different Interests, Hobbies

While they do have a lot in common, the brothers do have some varying interests.

“While I’m more into history, literature, and pop culture than he is, he’s a lot more interested in subjects like math and science,” says Arman.

Arman also describes his brother as being a talker and passionate, while he tends to be more laid-back.

“I love to play Table Tennis and I try to improve myself as a Ping Pong player every chance I get with free time from schoolwork,” says Ronak.

Arman takes his love of film to his blog, Award Insights, where he writes about film specifically the Academy Awards. His site describes him as being an aspiring screenwriter.

In their free time, the brothers love to hang out at popular Katy hangouts like Katy Mills where they see movies at AMC. They also love sports events and places like Top Golf.

Advice for Katy Students

They both are gracious for those who have supported them along the way including their family and teachers.

Ronak advises Katy students to develop a good relationship with their teachers.

“Make sure to engage in class discussions and even talk with your teachers about stuff that happened in class,” says Ronak. “This will allow your teachers to get to know you better and therefore, they will be able to effectively help you strengthen your strengths and improve your weaknesses.”

Arman advises students to be involved.

“By joining clubs and other organizations it really helps you meet so many great like-minded people and also helps you express your interests,” says Arman. “if there’s a club that you wish was at Katy, make one. It’s not very difficult and it’s great to start something at school that you’re passionate about.”

The Saxena family plans to celebrate Arman and Ronak’s graduation with a family trip to Europe. They plan to visit Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and London.


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