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Katy Hosts the Pro Wakeboard Tour Free Event this Weekend


June 11, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy families will be wowed this weekend by high-flying water stunts at the free Pro Wakeboard Tour. The tour features some of the world’s greatest wakeboarders as they compete and continue to push the limits and athleticism of the sport. The free event will be held at Katy’s August Lakes.

Nic Rapa flies high above the water in a wake boarding stunt. Photo Credit: JeffShotThat

“The local families in Katy can look forward to a fun-filled day of competition and meeting their favorite athletes at the supra boats pro wakeboard tour,” says wakeboarder and competitor Nic Rapa.

The Top Wakeboarders Compete in Katy this Weekend

Katy is hosting the World Wakeboard Tour, Pro Wakesurf Tour and Jr. Pro Wakeboard Tour (PWT) Powered by Supra Boats. The free event features some of the sport’s greatest talent. Katy families can enjoy the competition and show starting tonight and Saturday (June 11-12, 2021) at August Lakes.

August Lakes is a beautiful 100-plus acre watersports in the community located at 3707 Pitts Road in Katy.

Watch the Talent, Experience the Thrill

Event Schedule:

Friday, June 11 4:00 p.m.–5:00 pm- Jr Pro Semi Finals

Saturday, June 12

9:00 a.m.- Pro Wakesurf Semi Finals 10:00 a.m.- Pro Wakeboarding Quarter Finals 12:00 p.m.- Jr Pro Wakeboarding Finals 12:30 p.m.- Pro Wakesurf Finals 1:00 p.m.- Pro Wakeboarding Semi Finals Heat #1 1:30 p.m.- Pro Wakeboarding Semi Finals Heat #2 2:15 p.m.- Pro Wakeboarding Finals 3:30 p.m.- Awards

“I think wakeboarding is crazy right now," says Rapa. "Getting more progressive each year, I’m pumped to be a part of this elite group."

Wakeboard competitor Nic Rapa is inspired by athletes and how hard they work to achieve goals that don’t seem possible.

“I love the feeling of freedom behind the boat, doing what I want to do and how I want to do it,” says Rapa.

The event is free. Spectators are encouraged to bring chairs, towels, etc. If putting up a pop-up tent, check with an event official to make sure it’s in the proper place.

PWT is following social distancing guidelines and continues to put the safety first of those who attend and their athletes.

Katy Families can enjoy a meet and greet with the athletes.

Learn more about the tour at their website.

“Come say hi, and enjoy the fun,” says Rapa.


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