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Katy ISD Principal Addresses Rumors of Danger, Weapons at Taylor High School

Chris Morgan, principal at Taylor High School, sent a message to Mustang families at 11: 15 a.m. addressing rumors of a student threatening violence with weapons. No verbal or written threat was made, according to police.

Katy Magazine News February 20, 2018

Ashley Lancaster

Parents and family members who receive updates from Taylor High School were emailed at approximately 11:15 this morning with a message from principal Chris Morgan.

"Dear Taylor High School Parents/Guardians and Staff,

Thank you for your concern about the recent social media postings about a threat to Taylor High School.

The Katy ISD Police Department has released additional information regarding this case. What we know at this time is that the investigation was initiated on Friday, February 16, after it was reported that a THS student had posted photos on social media sites that contained weapons. There was no written or verbal threat included with the postings. However, other students began circulating the photos, alongside comments that the student pictured was going to do harm to others at school. The police department immediately initiated an investigation and determined that no actual threats were made by the individual pictured. Also, the weapons in the photos were airsoft guns.

Again, other students had taken screenshots of an individual’s photos and added their own comments suggesting violence. School administration and the police department will continue to look into this matter and share any additional information we may learn. Please rest assured that we continue to be vigilant and our campus remains a safe place for student learning and engagement. Sincerely, Chris Morgan Principal Taylor High School."


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