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Katy ISD’s Jordan High School to Celebrate First Graduation Class


May 26, 2023

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy ISD will wrap up their commencement ceremonies tonight with the newest high school graduating their first senior class. The Jordan High School warriors will be the 9th District high school to celebrate their 2023 graduating class.

“This class of 2023 are trailblazers,” says Jordan High School Principal Ethan Crowell. “As the first class at Jordan High School, they had the opportunity to start building programs and creating traditions, and they took full advantage of that opportunity.”

The First Graduating Senior Class

This is the first year for Katy ISD’s Jordan High School to have a graduating class. The school opened fall of 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. As with all District high schools it takes a few years before they have a senior class to graduate.

According to Principal Crowell, their graduating class earned approximately 4 million dollars in college scholarships. Their valedictorian earned the highest GPA of 4.8657.

Jordan High School valedictorian Piyush Hole and salutatorian Evan Jin.

Shaping a High School Experience

"Attending Jordan High School has profoundly shaped my high school experience,” says Jordan High School valedictorian Piyush Hole. “As a part of the first graduating class, I have been granted the extraordinary privilege of actively contributing to the development of the school's very identity and culture, hand in hand with my remarkable peers and dedicated teachers. It is an unparalleled, once-in-a-lifetime chance to establish traditions that will echo through the halls of Jordan for countless generations to come."

Students at Jordan High School have been able to actively participate in creating school traditions.

Creating Traditions, Legacies

“They started a Senior Sail event where teams of seniors design and build a cardboard watercraft and then race each other in the pool,” says Principal Crowell. “They also started a senior sunset field day where the seniors get to hang out with each other and just enjoy being together one more time before graduation.”

Starting a new Katy high school allowed many students to participate and be part of something new and exciting.

“I think attending a new Katy high school is like receiving a fresh canvas,” explains Jordan High School salutatorian Evan Jin. “We, as the students, were offered the unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to establish our own legacies and paint our own pictures of how we wanted Jordan high school to be. We were lucky enough to pioneer our own traditions and shape our high school experience in the way we wanted to and I think that is something unique to Jordan.”

Next year, Jordan High School will start the 2023-2024 academic year with 3,200 students. Principal Crowell says that the school is excited to continue to grow its programs in academics, fine arts, and sports.

The 2023 first ever graduating class of Jordan High School will graduate tonight at 8:00 p.m. at Legacy Stadium.

“I am excited about what they will do in their higher education careers and beyond,” says Principal Crowell.

Katy ISD to Open 10th High School Fall of 2024

Jordan High School won’t stay the newest District high school for long. Another Katy ISD high school was approved in the 2021 Bond Package. High School #10 is scheduled to welcome students August 2024 at Katy Hockley Road and Longenbaugh. Like Jordan High School, it will take a few years before that school graduates a senior class.

Congratulations to the first graduating class of Jordan High School!


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