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Katy ISD Shares Virtual vs. Face-to-Face Numbers


October 8, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

During this academic year, Katy families have the option to choose how their student will attend classes. The District has released the numbers for virtual vs. face-to-face learning for the next grading period in Katy ISD. What is your school’s ratio?

New KVA vs. Face-to-Face District Numbers

Katy ISD shared the numbers for each school for how many students will take virtual vs. face-to-face learning for the second grading period. Click here to see the complete list.

With a total of 2,307 students attending in person, Katy High School continues to lead the schools in the District with the most students enrolled in face-to-face instruction.

Katy Families Can Choose How Students Learn All Year

This school year, each District family can choose whether their student learns by Katy Virtual Academy (KVA) or Face-to-Face in the Katy schools. Parents can switch their students at the end of each grading period for the following grading period. Links will be available on each campus home page to change the mode of instruction. Families not wanting to change don’t need to take any action.

Katy ISD started the school year with all students learning online and then opened schools to the 49% of students who opted for face-to-face learning.

According to the new District statistics, of the almost 84,000 students enrolled district-wide, 47% are learning via KVA while 53% are face-to-face.

Only 2% of those students who started out as KVA are making the switch to face-to-face.

“She’s so excited,” says Katy mom Gretchen Smith about her daughter, who will return to Alexander Elementary for the second grading period. “I’m excited and nervous, but I really do believe our school is doing everything by the safety book.” Smith's son, a special needs student will continue in KVA.

“We’re staying with KVA,” says Chancie Davis, who has a daughter in kindergarten at Pattison Elementary. “We feel we need more time to assess cases as the weeks go on. Several more relaxed protocols were recently put in place and we want more time to evaluate.”

COVID-19 Protocol Revisions and Tracking

To control the risk of COVID-19, Katy ISD is following strict protocols. The District released modifications to the Phase 1 Safety Protocols for all Elementary & Secondary Campuses, which went into effect September 28:

  • Classroom protocols modified to require students and staff to wipe down their workspace at the beginning of use. Hand sanitizer and wipes will continue to be available in all classrooms for students.

  • Elementary playground equipment may be utilized by students during recess ensuring hand sanitizer and hand washing time is available immediately after use and before returning to class. District custodial staff will sanitize the playground equipment each morning prior to student use.

  • Library and computer lab(s) may be utilized with the requirement of cleaning work- spaces before student use. Additionally, time should be incorporated following group instruction for hand washing before returning to regular class instruction.

  • Returned library books are quarantined for a 6-day period before being checked out again to students.

  • Elementary & Secondary grouping of students for instructional purposes will be allowed with facial covering protocol is strictly adhered to, desk shields utilized where possible, and continued cleaning of workspaces by students.

  • Campus events, outside the instructional day, may be allowed with supervising event staff completing a required COVID-19 safety and mitigation training. Event capacity for indoor events, outside the instructional day, may be limited and must follow current state, local, and TEA guidance.

Katy ISD launched the COVID Dashboard prior to any face-to-face learning. Here, parents can monitor the number of reported cases of COVID-19 on each campus, or easily report positive COVID tests. Currently, the District has 38 student cases, 3 KVA, and 16 staff. Since the first day of school on August 19, the District has had 178 cases.

See the updated numbers by campus on the Katy ISD COVID Cases Dashboard.


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