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Katy Kids Donate 700 New Socks for Needy Families


By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy resident Catherine Walker and her three children set a goal to round up sock donations for local charity, Clothed By Faith. The family greatly surpassed their goal and donated over 700 socks. And this isn't the first time the Walkers have made a big difference in Katy!

The Walker children holding some of their donation of 700 socks

at Clothed By Faith, Katy.

Why Socks?

In early December Catherine Walker sat down for a conversation with her children; Jack (seven) Sam (five) and Nora (three). Walker wanted her children to decide on a charitable project to take on over the holidays season. "We decided on socks as it seemed to be personable and relatable to the kids. We timed it with holiday sales and free shipping hoping that that would encourage others to give," said Walker.

As it turns out the Walkers instincts were right on target because new socks are one of the least donated and most needed thing among homeless and needy families during winter time.

Jack, the oldest set the goal of 100 pair of socks. Counting the socks became a daily after school project for the kids.

"I had volunteered with Clothed By Faith during Hurricane Harvey. They were so organized and I could tell they were doing beautiful things," said Walker. Clothed By Faith is a Katy-based charity that takes in gently used clothing (new socks and underwear) and distributes them to those in need. They partner with other local charities to help the needy including Hope Impacts, an organization that serves Katy's homeless.

A Dining Room Full of Socks

The children discussed their project with their classes and Catherine took to Facebook to help spread the word of their mission.

"We got hand-written notes to the kids included in shipments of socks and that was really something special. My dining room became our headquarters and was full of socks," said Walker.

The Walker children surpassed their 100 pairs of socks goal in the first week. At the final count when they delivered the socks they had 704 pairs. "Clothed By Faith didn't know about our project until I called them and told them that I wanted to bring my kids by for the delivery, "explained Walker. "They were so nice and even gave the kids a tour of their facility explaining to them all that they do and showing them how their socks would be given to those in need," said Walker. "It was truly a special experience for the kids that further showed the goodness that they had done."

Planting a Seed

"I hope it planted a small seed because we're collecting something for someone who doesn't have what they have. Now we are taking a break from collecting items and I'll enjoy a clear dining room for a while but the kids have already started to discuss ideas for their next project," said Walker.

A Giving Family

This is not the first time the Walker's have made a major difference in the community and it sure won't be the last. The Walkers held a Popsicle's in the Park event after Harvey and raised funds to help flooded families around Creech Elementary. Read their Popsicles in the Park Story here.

Gratitude from Clothed By Faith

"The three children are so sweet and have such kind hearts," said Elizabeth Earnshaw, Executive Assistant Marketing, Events & Development Manager for Clothed By Faith. "The 704 pairs, of mainly new children's socks that they collected for us have been very gratefully received."

Clothed By Faith takes volunteers all the time. "Next year I'll have Nora in school more and I'm planning to use my more flexible time to volunteer at Clothed By Faith," says Walker.

If you know an inspirational family who is giving back to Katy, email us!


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