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Katy Man Sentenced to 72 Years-to-life for Murder


June 21, 2019

By Jennifer Miko

Earlier this week, Brandon Scott Ellis, 33, of Katy, was handed down his sentence for a violent domestic crime he committed in Ventura, CA. Ellis admitted shooting and killing Douglas Blasher of Ventura, CA and shooting his ex-girlfriend Alexa Payne of Oxnard, CA.

Brandon Scott Ellis in a photo released by the Ventura Police Department on Dec. 18, 2015.

Brandon Scott Ellis of Katy was sentenced for a crime he committed over three years ago in Ventura, CA. He will serve 72 years-to-life for second degree murder and premeditated murder.

Crime of Passion

Ellis and Payne had been broken up for a month when Ellis drove from Katy to Ventura. On December 17, 2015, Ellis, armed with a gun, entered the home of Payne’s new boyfriend. Instead of finding Payne’s boyfriend, Ellis encountered the boyfriend's father, Douglas Blasher, 47. Ellis shot and killed the man and then shot Payne nine times before fleeing the scene.

Payne, 20 at the time, survived the shooting and called 911. According to police, she was found outside the home, suffering from gunshot wounds. Blasher was pronounced dead at the scene.

Payne was taken to Ventura County Medical Center and underwent surgery. Ventura police reported that Payne was shot through the throat and one bullet was actually lodged under her tongue.

Search for the Shooter

Ventura police announced a search for Ellis. Two days later, he was tracked down to a bar in Rosarito, Mexico. The FBI and U.S. Marshal Service assisted in Ellis’ arrest and extradition.

Justice Served

Ellis pled guilty last month to second-degree murder and premeditated attempted murder. At Monday's sentencing hearing, the victims' family members spoke, and Ellis did not respond.


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