Katy Model Turns Heads on International Runways


November 23, 2020

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy’s Sherry Shi is capturing the attention of the modeling world and is on track to becoming an internationally recognized model. The striking 18-year-old recently made the Top Newcomers of 2021 list. With all her traveling and growing success, Sherry remains true to her Katy roots.

Sherry Shi. Photo credit: Vogue Runway

A True Dream

“Becoming a top international model is a true dream come true for Sherry,” says her dad, Stone Shi. “I think her story can inspire a lot of young people in Katy, for them to dream big, set goals, work hard, and make the impossible possible.”

Katy Born and Raised

Sherry was born in Katy and attended Katy ISD schools - Kilpatrick Elementary, WoodCreek Junior High, and Tompkins High School. In 2018 at 16-years-old, Sherry moved to New York City with her dad to pursue her dream of modeling. She graduated online from James Madison High School.

“I quit my job as Home Depot (Grand Parkway) store manager to travel with my daughter for two years before she turned 18,” says Stone Shi.

Seeing the World

Sherry stands 5’11” and is signed with the well-known IMG Models agency. She travels internationally modeling and filming commercials. She participated in International Fashion Week in Europe from September to October and walked the number one brand show in each country: Burberry in London, Versace in Milan, and Channel and Valentino in Paris.

Sherry’s other impressive credits include a Celine show and beauty product commercials for Dior. She has a Hermes commercial shoot coming up.

“I have a strong faith in God and a strong conviction,” says Sherry. “I will never forget my roots and where I am from.”

Sherry grew up attending Katy Chinese Christian Church and still attends on-line services and a bible study. She has fond memories of hanging out with friends at Katy Mills Mall and can’t wait to go back.

“I love to travel,” says Sherry. “I have traveled around six European countries in the last three months. I love to meet the world’s top designers, super models, and celebrities. I love to show the beautiful product to the world.”

She has been in Europe since August but plans to visit her hometown of Katy this Christmas.

“We never thought our daughter could go that big,” says Stone Shi. “Katy parents should follow their child’s dream, seek opportunity, invest on your children’s future, don’t give up.”

When not traveling, Sherry resides in New York City. She is attending A&M online and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing.

Sherry was originally inspired to pursue modeling thanks to her older sister, Angel. After her years on the runway, Angel graduated from NYU and is living in Washington D.C. She plans to attend Columbia University to pursue her MBA. Learn about how the Shi sisters got started in modeling in this Katy Magazine feature.

During the pandemic, Sherry demonstrated a traditional Chinese hot pot cuisine through Vogue.

“My advice for aspiring Katy models is to dream big, never give up, trust God, have self-discipline, and be yourself,” says Sherry.

Follow Sherry Shi and her blooming modeling career here.


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