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Katy Mom’s Car is Stolen; Good Samaritans Offer to Replace Autistic Son’s Sensory Toys


May 18, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

A Katy mom of an autistic child had her vehicle stolen from her driveway earlier this week. This remains an ongoing investigation, but the mom appreciates seeing the good in people as many reach out to replace her son’s sensory toys.

Screenshot taken from Bonnie Banditt's video.

Saturday evening Katy mom Bonnie Banditt left her keys in her grey Dodge Charger parked in her driveway. She admits that was a mistake but had been struggling to get her three-year-old autistic son inside when we was having a meltdown. The next morning her vehicle was stolen.

“These guys were seen on multiple videos going from car to car checking car doors,” says Bonnie Banditt. “They found my keys that I left in my vehicle the night before.”

Banditt caught the two suspects on video scouting out her vehicle at 5:57 a.m. They left and then returned again at 6:41 a.m. and exited a black SUV. At that time they entered and drove off with her car just 15 minutes before her mother walked out to leave for work.

Thieves Caught on Camera

Video credit: Bonnie Banditt

Purse Ransacked Before Being Dumped Banditt had left everything in her car, including her purse, the night before as she worked to calm her son down.

They stole her driver’s license, cash, and credit cards from her purse before tossing it out of the vehicle a few houses down where it was recovered.

A police report has been filed and this is an active investigation. Banditt says she’s been told that all she can do now is wait to see if they are caught. There is no way to track her stolen vehicle.

Katy Families to Donate Sensory Toys

Banditt’s son had many sensory toys left in the car that are now lost. Many Katy residents have reached out to Banditt offering to help replace her son’s toys.

“I’m very grateful for the help people are offering,” says Banditt. “I’m actually overwhelmed by all the people who care even through this painful time. They are the ones keeping my spirits up because it shows there are still a lot of good in people.”

Banditt’s vehicle is a dark grey Dodge Charger with a skull metal plate on the side and it has paper tags. It was stolen from her driveway at Greenhouse and Tabacco Road in Katy.

If you have any information to report, please contact Harris County Sheriff’s Office at 713-755-6044.


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