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Katy National Charity League Lady Bird Chapter Honors 2022 Seniors


March 1, 2022

By Natalie Cook Clark

The National Charity League (NCL) Lady Bird Chapter in Katy presented their senior class of 2022 in an annual Senior Recognition Ceremony this week. The girls, alongside their mothers, have completed over 9,694 volunteer hours at 26 local charities in the last 6 years.

Top row left to right: Anvi Patil, Caitlin Raffield, Sophia Seymour, Stephanie Johnston, Faith Black, Lauren Henneke, Gracelyn Cox, Liska Knight, Caroline Johnston, Avary Catchings Middle row seated: Riley Harrison, Lilly Adamoli, Jillian Gordon, Laurel Aklestad, Victoria Pena, Bridget Reese, Sarah Elisa Diaz-Perdomo, Marah Kindred Bottom row: Morgan Pareja, Kennedy Davis

Over 9,694 Volunteer Hours Completed

The Lady Bird Chapter recognized these 20 wonderful young ladies for their accomplishments achieved over the last six years in NCL, Inc. The 2022 seniors and their mothers completed more than 9,694 volunteer hours at 26 local charities in the last 6 years.

National Charity League, Inc. (NCL, Inc.) is a non-profit national organization of mothers and daughters who join together in community involvement with local chapters throughout the United States.

The Lady Bird Chapter’s total philanthropy hours in 2021 surpassed 6,137 hours in community service. National Charity League, Inc (NCL, Inc.) is a national nonprofit mother-daughter service organization.

Developing Leadership, Relationships

They have served in a variety of leadership positions, along with planning events, and attending various cultural events. The young ladies have also developed lifelong relationships, especially with their mothers.

For more than 50 years, the nonprofit has thrived as one of the nation’s most distinctive and respected mother-daughter organizations. The National Charity League, Inc. Lady Bird Chapter was formed in 2010 and is comprised of mothers and daughters in the Katy and Richmond area committed to developing strong women leaders through serving and impacting communities today and for generations to come.

Members are women and their daughters in grades 7–12. The traditional six-year core program also includes leadership development and cultural activities. Mother-daughter teams nationwide are responsible, dedicated, skilled volunteers actively engaged in local community work in over 289 Chapters across 31 States.

For more information about the NCL, Inc., Lady Bird Chapter, visit their website.


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